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Job Boards for Women

By Emi Leon | On July 23, 2023

Edited by Editorial Team on July 25, 2023

Top female job boards in 2023

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, where promoting gender equality has never been more vital, providing platforms that cater specifically to job opportunities for women has emerged as an essential. If you’re on a quest to find the best job boards for women in 2023, look no further. Here, we offer a comprehensive list of outstanding job boards, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs and career aspirations of women:

  1. Women For Hire
  2. Fairygodboss
  3. Women Who Code
  4. The Mom Project
  5. Tech Ladies
  7. PowerToFly
  8. Career Contessa
  9. SWE Career Center
  10. MomMD
  11. Where Women Work
  12. InHerSight
  13. Women’s Job List
  14. the female factor

Specialized job boards for women are crucial for fostering diversity and equality in the job market. These platforms, catering to various fields, present not just curated job opportunities, but also resources such as mentoring, coaching, and interview preparation. They promote companies committed to gender equality, making them an invaluable resource for women navigating their careers.

These job boards champion women’s rights and contribute significantly to breaking down barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries. By leveling the playing field, they empower women to strive for and achieve their career aspirations, fostering a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

1. Women For Hire

In the contemporary global workforce, fostering diversity and inclusion is a non-negotiable. Among the vanguards in this realm is ‘Women For Hire’, a comprehensive platform committed to bolstering women’s career growth and endorsing gender diversity.

Founded in 1999, this dedicated job board has grown to become North America’s largest of its kind for women. As highlighted by Forbes in their article on the 10 Best Career Sites For Women, Women For Hire is a catalyst for transformative change.

The New York Times has acknowledged this commitment to women’s empowerment and the unique role Women For Hire has played in shaping the professional landscape for women.

The philosophy of Women For Hire goes beyond merely being a job board. It stands as an active advocate for equal opportunities, women’s empowerment, and diversity in the workplace.

Women For Hire aims to offset the specific challenges women face in their professional journeys by fostering a supportive environment conducive to growth and advancement.

Women For Hire is distinguished by its extensive array of services. Job seekers benefit from a multitude of resources, including career expos, webinars, networking events, a career-focused magazine and interviews with best-selling career coaches.

The platform’s broad scope of job opportunities caters to a range of industries and employment arrangements. Women can seek positions that perfectly match their unique needs and goals.

For employers Women For Hire is a job board for women that allows businesses to manifest their commitment to gender diversity and inclusion, attracting talented professionals, and meeting diversity hiring objectives.

The influence of Women For Hire spans wide and deep. Over the years, it has positively impacted countless women, aiding them in securing meaningful employment and boosting their careers.

Its advocacy for gender diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace has been acknowledged by outlets like Huffington Post or CBS News.

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2. Fairygodboss

Among the myriad platforms committed to bolstering women’s employment, Fairygodboss, acquired by The Muse, stands out as a resilient force.

Since its establishment, it has progressively expanded its footprint in the job market, paving the way with an innovative mix of services designed to meet women’s unique career needs.

This comprehensive platform offers a plethora of job listings across a wide range of industries and roles, providing women with diverse opportunities to advance their careers.

Its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in job postings creates an environment where women from all walks of life can find opportunities that align with their unique skills, experiences, and ambitions.

However, what truly sets Fairygodboss apart is its dedication to providing transparent, first-hand information about company cultures.

The platform boasts a robust collection of company reviews penned by women, for women. These candid insights into the inner workings of potential employers, their policies, culture, and work-life balance provide invaluable information to women job seekers.

This feature underscores Fairygodboss’s commitment to empowering women with the knowledge they need to make informed career decisions.

Beyond job listings and company reviews, Fairygodboss also provides a wealth of career advice tailored specifically to the needs and experiences of women in the workforce. This guidance ranges from navigating maternity leave to negotiating salary, tackling everyday workplace challenges, and climbing the corporate ladder. These resources make Fairygodboss a one-stop-shop for women seeking to elevate their career trajectories.

Even though Fairygodboss operates in a competitive landscape, its tireless commitment to promoting women’s employment is commendable.

The platform exemplifies the growing trend of resources dedicated to empowering women in their careers. Its success underlines the expanding landscape of opportunities for women, reinforcing the collective stride towards gender equality in the workplace.

As Fairygodboss continues its mission, it contributes to the broader dialogue about women’s career advancement, underscoring the importance of platforms designed with women’s unique needs in mind.

3. Women Who Code

In the realm of technology, where gender representation has historically been imbalanced, Women Who Code emerges as a groundbreaking force. As a global non-profit organization, Women Who Code dedicates itself to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.

The organization operates on a broad scale, boasting an expansive network spanning across 60 cities and 20 countries. Its vast reach attests to its influence and its crucial role in bolstering female representation in tech worldwide.

Women Who Code provides women with a platform to connect, learn, and share knowledge, fostering a supportive community that is pivotal in a field where women are underrepresented.

One of the standout features of Women Who Code is its array of technical study groups and its focus on promoting professional growth through networking events, workshops, and leadership opportunities.

Its commitment to providing women with the resources to upskill and evolve in their tech careers is commendable. By cultivating an environment conducive to learning and collaboration, Women Who Code enables women to broaden their tech skills and expand their career opportunities.

Additionally, Women Who Code showcases job opportunities in tech companies, acting as a bridge between women tech professionals and potential employers. Their approach aligns with their mission to help women thrive in tech careers and fosters a more balanced, diverse, and inclusive technology industry.

While Women Who Code is a key player in the realm of women’s employment platforms, it stands unique with its focused commitment to the tech industry.

As a force that is relentlessly pushing against the gender imbalance in tech, Women Who Code is a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead for women in the industry.

Their ongoing work continues to contribute to the wider conversation around gender diversity in technology and the importance of creating inclusive, supportive spaces for women in all sectors.

4. The Mom Project

The Mom Project takes a unique stance in the landscape of job boards, dedicated entirely to empowering mothers in the workforce. As the name suggests, The Mom Project’s mission revolves around advocating for women who juggle the twin roles of being a mother and a professional. The Mom Project partners with Women’s Resource Center for info session on free tech jobs program.

This innovative platform recognizes the distinct challenges faced by working mothers, offering solutions that cater to their unique needs. It provides an extensive array of job opportunities that are flexible, part-time, remote, or that offer conducive environments for mothers to work without compromising on their parenting responsibilities.

The Mom Project excels in bridging the gap between companies seeking to boost their diversity and inclusion, and mothers seeking rewarding career opportunities. By showcasing roles across a spectrum of industries and disciplines, The Mom Project enables mothers to find jobs that not only suit their professional skills but also their personal circumstances.

More than just a job board, The Mom Project is a community. It offers a network of support, connecting working mothers with each other, and providing resources and advice on navigating the unique challenges that come with balancing a career and motherhood, such us for example a partnership with Beeline.

The platform also stands out with its strong advocacy for maternity and paternity leave, childcare support, and other parental benefits, which plays a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive and understanding professional landscape for mothers.

The Mom Project signifies an important shift in traditional employment dynamics, demonstrating a growing recognition of the need for flexible and inclusive job opportunities for working mothers. Its contribution to the ongoing conversation around work-life balance and gender diversity in the workplace cannot be overstated, and it continues to play a key role in revolutionizing career opportunities for mothers.

5. Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is a prominent name in the field of job platforms, particularly focused on connecting women with the best opportunities in the tech industry. This professional community operates with a clear mission – to accelerate the careers of women in tech and increase gender diversity in the industry.

Tech Ladies is known for its dynamic job board which curates a diverse range of opportunities from tech companies across the globe. These range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, offering roles spanning software development, UX design, data science, product management, and more. The platform ensures that the jobs listed are not just inclusive, but also respectful of women’s need for work-life balance.

What sets Tech Ladies apart is its dual focus on both employment and education. While the job board is a critical component, Tech Ladies also offers webinars, roundtables, and workshops that are specifically designed to enhance technical and soft skills, boost confidence, and provide valuable networking opportunities for its members.

A distinctive feature of Tech Ladies is its vibrant online community. It provides a space for members to interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences, creating a supportive network that can be invaluable for women navigating the tech industry. The sense of community extends to the organization’s commitment to fostering mentorship, with more experienced members encouraged to support those earlier in their career journey.

Tech Ladies stands as an essential catalyst in propelling women’s careers in the tech industry. It’s not just a job board, but a holistic platform offering resources, community, and career advancement opportunities specifically designed to empower women in tech. Its ongoing work continues to contribute to the larger dialogue around gender diversity in tech, underscoring the importance of dedicated platforms to support women’s professional growth.

6. stands as a beacon of change in the tech world, with a commitment to championing the cause of women in technology. The organization is named in honor of Anita Borg, a pioneering computer scientist who devoted her life to breaking down barriers that hinder women from thriving in the tech industry.

What differentiates is its holistic approach to women’s advancement in tech. It isn’t simply a job board, but a comprehensive platform offering a wealth of resources to enhance women’s tech careers.

These resources include mentorship programs, scholarships, and a variety of initiatives designed to support women at every stage of their professional journey.

The organization is renowned for hosting the annual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. This flagship event offers women in tech an unparalleled platform to connect, learn, and grow. It’s an opportunity to network with other professionals, gain insights from leading experts, and potentially secure job opportunities with companies committed to diversity and inclusion.

One notable feature of is its commitment to research. The organization invests heavily in studying the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in the tech industry, using these insights to guide their programs and initiatives. also maintains a job board, showcasing career opportunities with companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. The job postings span the breadth of the tech industry, catering to a diverse range of skill sets and career levels.

7. PowerToFly

PowerToFly holds a significant position in the realm of job platforms with its unique focus on elevating women’s careers in industries traditionally dominated by men. The platform’s mission is twofold – to help women secure employment in diverse sectors and to enable companies to build more inclusive work environments.

What sets PowerToFly apart is its innovative approach to job listings. The platform boasts an expansive job board, featuring opportunities from companies worldwide, committed to diversity and inclusivity.

Job seekers can find roles across various industries, such as tech, finance, media, and healthcare. These listings aren’t just about securing employment; they’re about finding roles where women’s contributions are valued and encouraged.

Beyond its job board, PowerToFly has made its mark through various career enhancement initiatives. The platform offers learning opportunities through webinars, virtual events, and blogs featuring advice from industry leaders and career coaches. These resources aim to arm women with the tools they need to thrive in their chosen careers.

PowerToFly also invests in fostering community. It provides a space for women to connect, share their experiences, and learn from each other. This sense of community extends to mentoring opportunities, with more seasoned professionals encouraged to guide those who are early in their career journey.

In terms of its impact on companies, PowerToFly presents a compelling proposition. Companies can leverage the platform to reach a talented pool of women professionals, helping them enhance their diversity and inclusion efforts.

8. Career Contessa

Career Contessa stands out in the realm of career-oriented platforms with its comprehensive approach towards professional development for women.

Launched by former University Recruiter, Lauren McGoodwin, the platform was developed in response to a noticeable lack of career growth resources specifically tailored to women’s unique needs and challenges.

At the heart of Career Contessa is a rich collection of job opportunities curated from companies that demonstrate a commitment to gender diversity, inclusivity, and respect for work-life balance. The job board is all-encompassing, featuring positions across various industries, roles, and seniority levels.

But Career Contessa’s offerings extend beyond mere job listings. The platform excels in providing a wide array of career enhancement resources. These include educational webinars, online courses, personalized career coaching, and an informative blog filled with practical advice, guides, and inspirational stories from successful women.

One of the platform’s distinctive elements is its commitment to mentorship. Through its “Hire a Mentor” program, Career Contessa connects members with seasoned professionals who can provide one-on-one coaching, advice, and support. This personalized guidance can be invaluable for those navigating career transitions, seeking promotions, or venturing into new industries.

Another noteworthy feature of Career Contessa is “The Salary Project,” a crowdsourced database that provides transparency around pay across various industries and roles. This tool empowers women to negotiate salaries confidently, bridging the gender wage gap.

Career Contessa’s impact extends to businesses as well. Companies looking to diversify their workforce can tap into Career Contessa’s pool of talented women professionals, boosting their inclusive hiring practices.

9. SWE Career Center

SWE Career Center, established by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), stands as a significant tool in the organization’s mission to empower women in engineering and technology fields. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in these sectors, SWE Career Center aims to bridge this gap by connecting women engineers with employers who value diversity and inclusion.

The SWE Career Center functions as an exclusive job board, showcasing a broad range of job opportunities within the engineering and technology sectors. These job postings come from globally recognized companies seeking to diversify their teams and tap into the wealth of skills and perspectives that women engineers bring.

However, the SWE Career Center goes beyond merely listing job vacancies. It offers a wealth of resources designed to aid women engineers in their career progression. These resources include comprehensive career advice articles, information on upcoming SWE career fairs, and webinars covering an array of professional development topics.

The platform is also instrumental in facilitating networking opportunities. SWE members can connect with each other, share experiences, and offer advice, fostering a sense of community among women engineers. This networking aspect can prove invaluable for those looking to expand their professional connections and gain insights from peers in the field.

For employers, the SWE Career Center serves as an effective platform to reach a niche audience of skilled and qualified women engineers. By posting job opportunities here, companies can enhance their diversity recruitment efforts and benefit from the unique skills and perspectives women bring to the engineering field.

10. MomMD

MomMD is a unique platform designed to address the specific needs of women in the medical field. Established in 1999, it fills a crucial gap in the job board market by targeting a niche demographic – female medical professionals who are also mothers.

The platform is well-known for its extensive job board that features opportunities across a wide spectrum of medical and health-related roles. These include positions in hospitals, private practices, research institutions, and healthcare companies. The job listings cater to a range of specializations and career stages, from residents and fellows to established physicians and healthcare leaders.

One standout feature of MomMD is its active online forum. Here, members can engage in discussions, ask questions, share experiences, and offer support on topics ranging from medical school and residency to balancing career and family. The sense of community fostered through these interactions is a valuable support system for many women navigating the dual challenges of motherhood and a medical career.

MomMD also provides resources for employers seeking to hire women in medicine. Companies can post job vacancies, access a resume database, and utilize advertising opportunities to reach the platform’s large and highly qualified audience.

11. Where Women Work

Where Women Work is an innovative platform aimed at promoting gender diversity in the workplace. Founded on the belief that transparency and employer visibility play crucial roles in encouraging gender parity, Where Women Work takes a unique approach to the traditional job board format.

At its core, Where Women Work showcases the efforts of employers committed to gender diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. Through in-depth profiles, the platform provides insights into a variety of organizations across multiple sectors, including tech, finance, manufacturing, and more. These profiles highlight company culture, diversity initiatives, employee experiences, and career opportunities.

A unique aspect of Where Women Work is its emphasis on stories. The platform features a rich collection of articles, interviews, and features that provide an authentic look into the experiences of women at the featured companies. These stories serve as a valuable resource for job seekers, offering a glimpse into potential workplaces and what they can offer in terms of culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and more.

12. InHerSight

InHerSight is an innovative platform designed to improve the workplace for women. Pioneering a unique approach, it combines elements of a job board with a company review site, putting power into the hands of women job seekers by enabling them to make informed decisions about their careers.

At the heart of InHerSight is its robust review feature, where women rate their past and present employers on various criteria, including maternity and adoptive leave, flexible work hours, equal opportunities, and salary satisfaction. These reviews provide crucial insights into companies’ cultures, policies, and overall commitment to gender equality, creating a resource that helps women find workplaces that truly value them.

In addition to its review feature, InHerSight also offers a comprehensive job board. Here, job seekers can explore opportunities across diverse industries and roles, with positions listed by companies that have been rated and reviewed on the platform.

This blend of job listings and employer reviews provides a more holistic view of potential workplaces, aiding women in making career decisions that align with their needs and values.

InHerSight also features a resource-rich blog covering a wide range of career advice topics, including interview tips, resume building, leadership strategies, and work-life balance. Additionally, the platform hosts webinars and virtual events that allow women to connect with career experts and industry leaders.

13. Women’s Job List

Women’s Job List is a dedicated job board designed to promote diversity in the workplace and aid women’s career progression. Since its inception, it has been committed to connecting talented women with employers who prioritize diversity and inclusion. The platform successfully leverages technology to bring valuable job opportunities to women across a range of industries and career levels.

With an extensive database of job listings, Women’s Job List caters to a wide variety of professional interests and aspirations. From entry-level positions to executive roles, the platform lists opportunities in fields such as technology, healthcare, finance, education, and many more. The expansive nature of its job board enables Women’s Job List to serve a diverse audience, broadening its reach and impact.

14. The Female Factor

The Female Factor is an innovative platform focused on enhancing women’s careers and personal development. The platform’s mission is anchored in the belief that potential is not gendered, and that the right resources and connections can help women unlock their unique potential.

Rather than functioning as a traditional job board, The Female Factor emphasizes comprehensive growth, offering curated resources and fostering a community of like-minded women. At its core, the platform runs a membership program that provides access to exclusive content, including masterclasses led by industry experts, networking events, mentorship opportunities, and a variety of growth-oriented resources.

However, The Female Factor also addresses the employment aspect. Through its corporate partnerships, it provides members with exclusive career opportunities and internships. The platform aims to bridge the gap between talented women and companies that value gender diversity, facilitating meaningful connections that foster professional growth.

Furthermore, the platform’s emphasis on community sets it apart. The Female Factor’s online network serves as a platform for members to connect, exchange ideas, and support each other’s career journeys, fostering a supportive environment that is often vital for personal and professional development.


Women For Hire – Largest Female Job Board

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