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California Privacy Notice

Revision Date: June 3, 2023

This document serves as a summary of Womenforhire’s gathering and use of “personal data” (as laid out by the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)) related to California residents, concerning our websites. The scope of this Privacy Notice extends to the information that we collect and process when you engage with our websites). For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

This notice offers insights into our practices during the 12 months leading up to the effective date of this Policy. It specifically pertains to the types of personal data we gather from California residents in general terms – including sensitive personal identifiers (pinpoint geographical data) – the reasons for processing these details, the categories of third parties with whom we share the data for business purposes, and our protocols for “selling” and “transferring” information (as defined by the CCPA), as well as data retention strategies.

1. Types of Data Gathered

Digital device specifics and identifiers, for instance, IP address; browser variety and language; operating system; platform type; device category; software and hardware attributes; and distinct device, promotional, and application identifiers.

Connection and Utilization Information, for instance domain names, landing web pages, browsing behavior, dates and times of access, viewed pages, forms you either complete or partially fill out, search queries, uploads or downloads, email-opening habits and your interaction with email material, timings for access, error records, and other related information.

Customer Support Information, for instance, inquiries and other communication you direct to us via online forms, email, telephone, or regular mail.

Geographical Location, for instance, the city, state, country, and ZIP code associated with your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

2. Reasons for Data Usage:

– Third-party service vendors

 – Legal and security-related entities

 – Businesses for purposes related to selling or transferring of corporate assets

3. Categories of Third Parties to Whom We Provide the Information for Business and Operational Purposes (For further details, see our Privacy Policy):

– Third-party service vendors

 – Legal and security-related entities

 – Businesses for purposes related to selling or transferring of corporate assets

4. Rights to Opt-Out of “Sale” and “Sharing”

Residents of California possess the right to opt-out of the “sale” and “sharing” of their personal data. As stipulated in our Privacy Policy, we occasionally disclose information to independent third-party advertising services for targeted promotional activities, with an aim to present you with more relevant and personalized advertisements about our services, or we engage analytics partners to assist with the analysis of our service usage and our user/customer demographics.

Disclosing your personal data to these parties for these purposes may be interpreted as a “sale” of personal information under CCPA terms, or the “sharing” of your personal data for the purpose of “cross-context behavioral advertising.”

The list below presents the categories of personal data we have sold or shared in the 12 months preceding this notice and the categories of third parties to whom this information has been sold or shared:

Category of Personal Information

  • Identifiers
  • Internet network and device activity data

Categories of Third Parties to Which we Have “Shared” this Personal Information

  • Ad networks and advertising partners
  • Analytics providers

5. Instructions for Withdrawing from Online Disclosures

Options for Online Advertising Deactivation

If you’d prefer to deter Womenforhire’s virtual disclosure of your private data, particularly via cookies and pixel technologies for activities regarded as “sales” or “sharing,” you can opt-out by employing some standard online advertising deactivation mechanisms.
Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) offer tools that let users control whether their data is used for targeted advertising by participating third parties. You can prevent the sharing of your data for targeted advertising purposes by adopting the DAA’s WebChoices Tool for websites and the AppChoices Tool for mobile applications. Similarly, you can use the NAI’s Consumer Opt-Out Tool for websites.

Remember to apply these changes on all browsers and devices where you wish the changes to take effect. Since these opt-outs are stored in cookies, you’ll need to repeat this process if you clear your cookies. Note that we don’t maintain or control these third-party opt-out mechanisms and are not responsible for their operation. Even after opting out, your data might still be used for non-targeted advertising purposes, such as attributions and analytics.

For modifications concerning interest-based advertising on your mobile applications, refer to your device’s operating system settings. Settings related to “limit ad tracking” for common operating systems are found on NAI’s Mobile Choices page.
Furthermore, social media platforms like Facebook allow you to control what data they collect from you for advertising. Check your settings on these platforms to ensure your personal information is used according to your preferences.

Please Note:

  • The opt-outs mentioned above are device- and browser-based. As the shared information pertains to your device ID and/or browser ID, you must opt out on each device and browser where you want your choice to apply.- Opt-outs may be stored via cookies. If you clear cookies, your opt-out will no longer be valid and you must opt out again where you want your choices to apply.
  • We do not manage or control the opt-out mechanisms and settings above and are not responsible for their operation.
  • Implementing these choices does not prevent us from delivering contextual advertising, engaging in cross-device tracking to serve you first-party ads directly, or using data for non-targeted advertising purposes, such as attribution and analytics.

We may still share some personal data with our partners to help us execute functions like measuring ad effectiveness, controlling how often you see an ad, determining ad performance, providing and securing ads, offering comprehensive statistics and analytics, and/or reducing ad fraud. In such situations, these partners will act as our services providers.
The above choices will not opt you out of the use of previously collected and shared data or all interest-based advertising (like those carried out on other sites).

6. “Shine the Light” Disclosure

The California “Shine the Light” legislation permits residents of California the right, under certain conditions, to decline the sharing of specific categories of personal data (as identified in the Shine the Light law) with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. We do not share your personal data with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes.

7. Data Retention

We will store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes previously outlined, unless a longer retention is mandated or allowed by law. We may erase or anonymize your information earlier if we receive a valid deletion request, subject to exemptions under relevant laws. The retention period that applies to your data may vary depending on the services you use and your interaction with them. We may retain cached or archived copies of your information.