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Book Looks at Women Police Officers

They were called sleuths in skirts, guardettes, copettes, and police in petticoats. It would be a long time—well over 150 years—before women in law enforcement were known simply as police officers. Balancing the stories of trailblazers from the past with those of today, Women in Blue: 16 Brave Officers, Forensics Experts, Police Chiefs, and More (Chicago Review Press) Cheryl Mullenbach profiles 16 women’s stories as civil servants. We talked briefly to her.

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Does a “Bruising Workplace” impact your decision to buy from Amazon?


FullSizeRender (231)Novelist John Green announced that he cancelled his Amazon Prime membership after reading yesterday’s New York Times Page 1 story on what it’s like to work for Amazon.

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Success Spotlight: Deutsche Bank’s Michaela Ludbrook

Ludbrook_Michaela0005FinalIt’s not always essential to have a degree in finance to have a successful career in banking. Just ask Michaela Ludbrook, Global Head of GTO CB&S Debt and Emerging Market Operations at Deutsche Bank.

“I have a degree in French, actually. I never expected to spend my career working in finance, but it turned out to be a perfect fit for me,” Michaela said. “Having a variety of people from different backgrounds makes coming to work more enjoyable. Imagine how boring it would be if everyone in banking was the same.”

Why Deutsche Bank

“I felt compelled to join Deutsche Bank for two reasons,” Michaela explained. “First, the people. And second, the opportunity to make a difference.”

Michaela first came to the US from the UK in 1998 on a six-month assignment with another bank. In 2013, she made a career move to Deutsche Bank.

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Family First, According to Dad

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.59.21 AM“Family first.” That’s common career advice among moms, but this time it came from an unlikely source: a titan of Wall Street.

Jimmy Lee, vice chairman of JP Morgan Chase, died unexpectedly Wednesday at age 62.

In 2001, he turned down a chance to run Blackstone, the giant private equity firm. Lee said turning the job down cost him “billions, literally” but would have meant missing his three kids’ sports games. “Family first, no matter what” became his motto. He spoke often about juggling family and career, saying it was doable if you planned ahead.

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Ways To Explain What You Do When You’re Out of Work

iStock_000000723468LargeYou’re career is in transition, either by choice or circumstance.  How do you answer the basic, “What do you do?” question without saying, “Uh, nothing  right now?”

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Women and Deutsche Bank: ATLAS Female Leadership Program Opens in London

On April 15th in London, Deutsche Bank launched its fourth ATLAS program, their global leadership development initiative for female managing directors.

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