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Off-Résumé: 5 Soft Skills to Make You Stand Out


by Deborah Shane

Are you seriously preparing for the next step of your career path?

Employers are more selective in who they’re hiring than ever before. That means that while what’s on your résumé (your core skills, unique qualities and measurable accomplishments) is more important than ever, it’s your soft skills—your ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers—that will make you stand out as a premium and launch you down your career path at high speed.

Here are 5 key soft skills you should master:
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Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing


By Dawn Quesnel,

We know the job market is tough right now, and that a faulty résumé can hinder your job search before you’re able to get your foot in the door. We reached out to Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC, better known as Coach DQ, to share some of her top tips for building a dynamic résumé that will keep you in the running.

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Fulfilling Promises In the Best and Worst of Times

New York Life Insurance Company Partner Euletta Gordon-Campbell, South Jersey General Office, believes in promises. “When I sell a policy, it’s a promise to be there for my client and their family. And, it doesn’t just stop at delivering the death benefit,” she says, firmly. “I teach my team the lessons that I learned and in particular from this one extraordinary client. Delivering the death benefit was just the beginning.
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Meaningful Career Spotlight: Karen Trovato, Philips N. America


Thirty three years, dozens of roles, and nearly 50 inventions later Karen Trovato continues to improve the world by making the impossible possible within the disciplines of robotics, navigation technology and healthcare solutions at Philips. As a member of Philips Research team (based in Briarcliff Manor, NY), Karen is currently working on what could potentially be her greatest all-time career achievement. That’s huge, considering that she has already been named the ‘2005 Inventor of the Year’ by New York Intellectual Property Law Association, received Philips Research’s prestigious Extraordinary Product Development Award in 1995, and her Electronic Pill invention has been recognized across major networks such as CNN and the New York Times in 2007.
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Jayshree Patel – Success Spotlight

An Epitome of Resilience: Jayshree Patel’s Journey to Financial Mastery

Jayshree Patel’s professional journey is an exemplar of resilience and unwavering dedication. Since 1997, she has been a stalwart financial professional with New York Life Insurance Company, focusing her career on safeguarding her clients’ dreams and economic prospects.

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Alternatives to 9-5 Jobs with Examples

Updated on July 18, 2023

The standard 9 to 5 job schedule has long been the norm for many people. However, with the rise of technology and shifting societal norms, many are seeking alternatives to the typical 9 to 5 grind. This trend has seen a significant uptick in the quest for flexible work schedules, remote working opportunities, and even entrepreneurial pursuits.

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