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Employer Insights

Women For Hire ™ : Creating Opportunities and Advancing Women’s Careers

Founded in 1999, Women For Hire ™ has grown into a leading online platform that brings together accomplished women seeking job opportunities, and employers looking for exceptional talent.

Women For Hire ™ has evolved from just a job board to a comprehensive career resource that supports women in all stages of their career journey.

Today, in a job market where gender parity is more critical than ever, Women For Hire ™ remains at the forefront of promoting women’s career advancement and growth. Through the platform, employers can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and build their reputation as a preferred workplace for women.

Brand Awareness: The Power of Employer Insights

Women For Hire ™ offers a unique opportunity for businesses to raise their brand awareness. By sponsoring blog posts on relevant women’s issues pertaining to careers, companies can position themselves as not only employers but also as thought leaders and advocates for women’s career advancement.

Employer Insights on Women For Hire™ enable companies to engage with the community in meaningful discussions.

Women For Hire ™ offers two different options to businesses:

  • text blogs for $2,000
  • video blogs for $3,000
  • The video blog option allows for a more personal and engaging communication medium, enabling companies to better connect with their audience.

Whether through a thought-provoking text blog post or an engaging video blog, companies can reach a diverse audience of motivated and career-oriented women, creating an image of a brand that supports and values their career progression.

Employee Perception and Engagement

When companies engage in dialogues regarding career issues faced by women, they display their commitment towards fostering a diverse and inclusive environment to their current workforce. This approach can uplift employee morale, increase engagement, and inspire loyalty.

Moreover, businesses can use this platform to share their company values, culture, and dedication towards gender equality. This not only attracts potential candidates but also positions the company as a desirable employer for ambitious women wishing to excel professionally by showcasing their initiatives for women’s career advancement.

The Women For Hire ™ Community: An Engaged Audience

The Women For Hire ™ community isn’t just for job seekers. It’s a network of dynamic, motivated women striving for career advancement. Interaction with this audience through sponsored blog posts not only promotes brand awareness but also nurtures relationships based on mutual respect and shared objectives.

Women For Hire™ provides an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to increase their brand visibility, enhance their reputation, and interact with a diverse, lively community of women. It’s a platform where companies can highlight their commitment to diversity and inclusion, creating a positive perception among both potential hires and existing staff.

Through meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and thoughtful dialogues, your company can distinguish itself as a relevant and involved ally in the progression of women’s careers. With Women For Hire ™, you gain the opportunity to craft your brand’s narrative and show your dedication to workplace gender equality.

Together, we can drive the advancement of women’s careers and foster a more inclusive future. Choose to sponsor a blog post today and engage in the dialogue with the Women For Hire™ community.

Some of our clients include

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Apple, Walmart, Cigna, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, UnitedHealth Group, McDonald’s Corporation, General Electric, Visa, Intel, Berkshire Hathaway, Sprint Corporation, Bank of America Corp., The Boeing Company, American Express, Nike, General Motors Co., Comcast, PepsiCo, IBM,, State Farm Insurance, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, Wells Fargo, FedEx, Verizon Communications, Coca-Cola Company, COSTCO Wholesale, Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor Company, Home Depot, Best Buy, Alphabet (Google), Cisco Systems, Pfizer Inc., AT&T, JPMorgan Chase & Co., United Continental, Exxon Mobil, Lowe’s Companies, Chevron Corporation, Sears Holdings Corporation.

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