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1. The Science Behind Effective Female Job Adverts

DO NOT underestimate the power of words in job descriptions, especially for roles traditionally viewed as male-dominated. A generic offer simply won’t do.

Since 1999, we’ve been working intimately with Fortune 500 companies, doing what we do best – attracting top-notch female talent. These titans of industry choose to work with us again and again for two simple reasons – we’re effective and pocket-friendly.

But it’s not just about our bold claims. This is science!

Delve into the scientific paper “Evidence That Gendered Wording in Job Advertisements Exists and Sustains Gender Inequality” by distinguished researchers, Danielle Gaucher, Justin Friesen, and Aaron C. Kay.

Their findings confirm our approach – gender-specific wording in job ads contributes to a balanced workforce.

Adapting job descriptions for traditionally male-dominated roles isn’t merely a step toward gender equality; it’s a tactical maneuver to grab the attention of top female talent – a valued resource in a marketplace where companies vie against each other.

Remember, in some male-dominated fields, female candidates are indeed a rarity, sparking fierce competition amongst potential employers.

How we can help:

Expanding your reach with our specialized service of refining job descriptions is an option, not an obligation.

While we are fully capable of posting your generic job listings, we highly recommend utilizing our expertise to fine-tune them.

Our expert team, with its rich experience in working alongside Fortune 500 companies, excels in crafting compelling job descriptions that appeal to top female talent. This is our distinguishing feature.

We invite you to learn more about us here. We’ve discovered that strategically employing gender-specific wording is key for attracting superior female talent, especially in male-dominated roles.

This practice, backed by an abundance of scientific research, is not just a corporate equality statement – it’s a smart business strategy to gain an edge in a competitive market.

We also offer a special boost by pushing your job opportunities through our established network of nationwide recruiters and female-focused outplacement agencies.

This strategic move allows us to reach out to a pool of female talent that often looks beyond public job postings.

We don’t merely post jobs; we bring you female job candidates.

2. Navigating the Job Board Jungle

In the realm of female job recruitment, attracting the right kind of traffic to your job offers is crucial. Consider this analogy: selling ski equipment in a tropical beach town might attract many visitors, but few would be interested in buying.

However, selling the same equipment in a mountain lodge might attract fewer visitors, but they would likely be ready to purchase.

Applying this concept to job boards, the volume of visitors does not necessarily reflect the number of job applicants.

Many visitors could be browsing for general career-related information, not ready to apply for a job. The conversion from visitors to applicants, therefore, depends on their intention and readiness, much like customers’ readiness to buy in the ski gear example.

Thus, it’s critical to take into account these factors when assessing job board performance. The key metric isn’t just the sheer quantity of visitors, but rather the quality and relevance of these visitors to the posted job vacancies.

An effective job board isn’t just about drawing a crowd, it’s about drawing the right crowd, ready to apply.

How we can help:

Discover the power of relevant traffic with Women For Hire ™. We understand that successful recruitment isn’t just about the volume of visitors, it’s about attracting the right audience at the right time.

Our platform boasts 200k relevant monthly visitors, not just casual browsers, but motivated, skilled women ready to apply for your job listings. This makes us the largest female job board in America.

This is akin to offering ski gear to visitors at a mountain lodge, where your offer meets the immediate needs of those visitors.

Our targeted approach ensures that your job postings reach an audience that is not just interested, but ready to take the leap.

With Women For Hire ™, you’re not just reaching out to potential job seekers, but to a selected, relevant audience of high-quality female candidates.

Wrapping Up – The Women For Hire ™ Advantage

1. Precision in Advertisements

We can re-write your job listings using gender-specific wording to attract top female talent, helping balance your workforce and giving you a competitive edge. We also offer a special boost by pushing your job opportunities through our established network of nationwide recruiters and female-focused outplacement agencies.

2. Relevant Traffic

Our 200k monthly visitors are motivated and ready to apply, ensuring you reach the right audience at the right time.

3. Cost-Efficiency

Avoid overspending on multiple job boards. We help you reach a relevant audience while significantly reducing hiring costs.

Interested in streamlining your talent search with the biggest female job board in North America?

Reach out to us at [email protected]

Some of our clients include

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Apple, Walmart, Cigna, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, UnitedHealth Group, McDonald’s Corporation, General Electric, Visa, Intel, Berkshire Hathaway, Sprint Corporation, Bank of America Corp., The Boeing Company, American Express, Nike, General Motors Co., Comcast, PepsiCo, IBM,, State Farm Insurance, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, Wells Fargo, FedEx, Verizon Communications, Coca-Cola Company, COSTCO Wholesale, Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor Company, Home Depot, Best Buy, Alphabet (Google), Cisco Systems, Pfizer Inc., AT&T, JPMorgan Chase & Co., United Continental, Exxon Mobil, Lowe’s Companies, Chevron Corporation, Sears Holdings Corporation.