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March 24, 2023

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Off-Résumé: 5 Soft Skills to Make You Stand Out

by Deborah Shane

Are you seriously preparing for the next step of your career path?

Employers are more selective in who they’re hiring than ever before. That means that while what’s on your résumé (your core skills, unique qualities and measurable accomplishments) is more important than ever, it’s your soft skills—your ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers—that will make you stand out as a premium and launch you down your career path at high speed.

Here are 5 key soft skills you should master:

Can you go with the flow? You should be quick to adapt to personnel, policy and leadership change with a ‘can do’ attitude. You’ll be a valuable asset to the workplace.

Work Well With Others
Are you a team player? Working together with people of differing generations, cultures and demographics is more and more important as our workplace becomes more culturally diverse. Your ‘human relations’ skills including developing rapport, listening, delegating with respect will be what makes you an important asset to any team.

Show Initiative
Own your job! Stepping up rather than just showing up will make you stand out. Being the first to volunteer and going the extra mile will show that you have a strong sense of personal pride and work ethic—a quality that rarely goes unnoticed.

Do it all. The more you’re willing to take on at once, the more heads you’ll turn. Don’t be afraid to take on more responsibility. In fact, you should expect it and get prepared for it so that when it comes you’re way, you hit it out of the park.

Give Positive Vibes
Positivity is like a great haircut. What’s more attractive and powerful than someone who is a bright light in everyone’s day? Leave the heavy stuff at home and show up with a positive attitude of gratitude and willingness. Come to work ready to greet colleagues and customers and make their day better, and you’ll stand out in the best way.

What are the soft skills that make you stand out? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Deborah Shane was named a Top 100 Small Business Champion for 2012 and Top 100 Small Business Podcast 2013 by! She is the Author of Career Transition-make the shift, a personal branding strategist, social media catalyst, writer and speaker. She hosts a weekly blog and a small business radio podcast with over 240k downloads. Deborah’s articles are featured on and regularly quoted in,,, and Monster. Engage with her @DeborahShane and visit her at


  1. “Soft Skills” are really “how to be nice skills”! No matter how technology savvy you are, one must be able to communicate effectively and have a positive influence with others!

  2. Sharon Page

    Peggy hit the nail on the head, soft skills can be taught vs people skills which are developed. Learning how to adapt and meet people where they are to be effective when communicating is Key.

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