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Dress for Success to Get the Job

On average, you have less than fifteen seconds to make a first impression.

During a job interview, this impression is crucial and most of it may be based on your appearance.

James Mitchell, associate director of the Career Center at Ball State University says “job applicants should dress up for an interview to signal to potential employers how serious they are about getting the position.”

Mitchell counsels students on attire and adds that although “business casual is the norm for most American offices” job seekers should dress up when interviewing and run the risk of being overdressed. “If you get to an interview and they gently poke fun at you for being overdressed, you might be able dress down on the go,” he says. “There’s no way to make clothes magically appear if you need them.

“When you walk into the interview, your clothes should say ‘I’m here to do business’ not ‘Hire me, I dare you.’ The job market is still in the employer’s favor, and there are plenty of candidates from whom they can choose.”

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