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Eight Proven Strategies to Open the Door to a Vibrant New Career

Eight Proven Strategies to Open the Door to a Vibrant New Career

By Sunny Lurie

Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success is the instruction manual you’ll need to navigate through today’s workplace filled with ongoing career change. The Eight-Step Strategy guides individuals from an unfulfilling career to focusing on the right career at the right time and right place.

1) Think Like an Owner
What is the mindset of people who are able to consistently find employment and thrive despite challenges or powerful waves of instability in the economy? It involves thinking like a successful business owner who takes control and becomes resilient enough to bounce back when chaos and change strike. They carve their own path for success.

2) Navigate Change and Uncertainty Skillfully
Rather than being fearful of change, welcome and embrace it to help build a satisfying career for yourself. Knowing how to adjust to frequent collisions with change has become a crucial professional survival skill.

3) Discover You With Partners
It’s often easier to see another person’s life than our own — which means other people may help you see your abilities more clearly. ‘Career partners’ are peers who help talk through ideas to clarify what you offer and identify suitable career roles.

4) Widen Your Focus Beyond What Is Familiar
Expand your career horizons to look beyond the same jobs you continue to see and uncover new career ideas. Who are you and what do you really want to do in your career? Clarify your strengths and interests and match yourself with suitable, satisfying careers.

5) Change Sideways With Targets
Establish a plan of attack and stay organized as you target your best career choices. Start as early as possible, because planning and establishing contacts, especially in a new field, takes several months. There is nothing that will help you succeed during a transition more effectively than sticking with a routine of actions toward your goal!

6) Become a Master Connector or Adopt One
Becoming a master connector or building a network of masters is a critical skill for job searching and transforming your career. You’ll learn from successful career-changers who have effectively searched and connected their way into multiple new careers. You’ll also be introduced to the latest online social networking practices from a social media expert.

7) Market Yourself With Leading Edge Resume Tools And Social Media Savvy
If you’re feeling behind in the career tech world, learn the terminology, descriptions, and the how-tos of the major technical players and platforms for developing resumes and changing careers. If hiring managers look you up online and cannot find you, they may consider you irrelevant. Find out how to market yourself using the latest social media and resume tools to get invited to interviews.

8) Use Today’s Methods To Turn Interviews Into Offers
Learn about today’s interview process, how to take on the challenging questions, get a job offer, and negotiate a competitive salary. Research and prepare for interviews effectively to bring enthusiasm into your interviews and turn them into offers.

Sunny Klein Lurie, PhD., is founder, CEO of Fast Focus Careers. She has a rich background in organizational development and career management consulting with employees for 12 years at Key Bank and with clients for 8 years in her own practice. Dr. Lurie combines proven techniques with today’s breakthrough approaches to help individuals make the right choice for the right career. She served on several Boards including American Society for Training and Development and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is a prominent speaker and publishes broadly in business journals on career change, improving work performance, and finding career satisfaction.

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