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How To Ask if Your Resume has Been Received

Every job seeker knows that you often submit resumes without hearing anything in return. You wind up sitting by the phone or computer desperate to know if the human resources people have received your resume, especially since you can’t just call up and say, “Hey, did you get it or not?” That ambiguous call is what hiring managers are trying to avoid when they instruct jobseekers that the company is taking “no calls” about the position.)

Resumes are often lost or overlooked so while you’re assuming that your resume has been received and reviewed and that they have declined you, they may not even know you exist. This is another reason why follow-up is so important. You may wind up needing to resubmit your resume.

Fortunately, there are effective, professional ways of finding out if the company you’re interested in has received your resume. Finding out presents an opportunity for you to restate your desire to pursue the position and remind them of your qualifications and why you are the ideal person for the job.

Whom should I call? Figuring out who you should call is just as important as making the follow-up connection.

You will have to identify the hiring manager responsible for screening and selecting prospective candidates for the position. If it’s a small company you can usually call the main number and ask anyone who answers to provide you with the name and contact information for the appropriate person. Among the options:

1. Call the main number and ask to be connected to human resources.

Sometimes an assistant will answer, and you’ll be able to ask for the name of the person you’re trying to reach. Always ask for the name of the assistant and create a connection with him or her by expressing your gratitude. You can also ask for advice on the best time to try to reach the person you want to contact.

2. Visit the careers or jobs section of the company website.

Look for contact names and/or email addresses and phone numbers. Some employers list this information by department or region.

3. Look at the corporate press releases.

Or a listing of top executives on the company website to determine who is the head of the division that interests you.

(For public companies this information can be found on When you call the main switchboard, ask to be connected to that person’s office. When an assistant answers, politely ask if she or he would kindly tell you who is responsible for recruiting for positions in the line of business you’re pursuing. For example, if the position you’re seeking is account manager in the consumer products division, ask who handles that recruitment responsibility. You do not have to identify yourself as a jobseeker unless asked.

4. Ask a current employee.

Find out for you the name of the human-resources person you should connect with.