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Pointers for Perfection

Don’t use funky pet names or inappropriate terms in the email address on your functional resume, such as [email protected] or [email protected]. Instead, opt for a more professional address, such as [email protected]. offers a free email service that’s great for professionals.

Avoid generic or vague phrases such as “looking for a position at a well-known company with room for growth.” Use the space to tout specific goals and accomplishments, and to tout your desire to work in a specific field.

Don’t rely on spell-check to proof your resume. While it is a great tool, it will not pick up mistakes such as “and” when you meant “an,” which is a very common resume error.

Tailor your resume for each position by tweaking your most relevant responsibilities and accomplishments based on the needs of the opening you’re seeking to fill.

Don’t use your marketing-focused resume for an IT position. Have multiple versions if you’re pursuing several different options.

Skip marbled, fancy paper. Plain white is still the best option.

Try to limit your resume to one page. Professionals with 10 years or more experience may expand to two pages. Beyond that, seek a second opinion to determine if your expertise justifies any more space. Women For Hire offers a resume writing and critiquing service. Learn more HERE.

Ask friends and colleagues to thoroughly review your resume. They should easily be able to tell you what position you are looking for and a few of your most impressive qualifications. It may seem obvious to you, but are your goals clear to others?