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April 2, 2023

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Can you Start Over at 40+


unnamedOur friend Andrew Brill did just that—- truly going from top to bottom to ditch a career he lost interest in for one he loved.  Men’s Fitness details how he did it.


Are you trapped in a career you wish you could change?


What’s holding you back and what would need to happen for you to make a switch? Tell us below.


  1. Susan Kaye

    I need help very soon. I will be 61 next month. For the last 5 years I have worked in jobs what I call under employed or working ooor. I have nothing in savings, checking, no retirement,and no money on hand.I will tell you what is holding me back age factor in the job market,my computer skills are not very strong,I have had a college degree on hold for the last 15 years. I need about 30-40 credits to finish the degree.But I cannot finish because of money issues. Working like this I cannot get any help on Federal,State, and County because I work but cannot get any help. I get any help from all non profit organizations all from the Jewish organizations. I cannot go on working part time like this I will never be able to retire. I am now living in a shelter what I call the lowest level of living. It is horrible no privacy, have 6 women in the room, no place to put your belongings. Also I have no computer just a smartphone and tablet. If someone out there can help me just PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL SAYING YOU READ THIS AND CAN HELP ME.

    All I want is a job that pays. So I can get mu life br on track


      Susan — do you know even ONE person who would vouch for you and recommend you for hire? It could be a counselor, family member, friend, former colleague. You have to get beyond the resume, which isn’t helpful, and lean on someone to take a chance on you because you will deliver. You don’t want to share too much of the woes — focus on the positive, of what exactly you can offer – not what you need, but what you can do for them. Good luck.

  2. Margaret Duhon

    I was laid off from a comfortable Blue Collar Job in April. My big problem is money to go back to school another is TIME. I work a Part Time job also to supplement my full time job because the benefits were inadequate, however now the full time job is no more, but I only have so much unemployment insurance and it will probably run out in November, so lack of enough time is another reason that is stopping me from returning to classes to make a change. I am 48 and afraid I might be discriminated against in the future because of my age, even though I don’t even look close to my age.


      Margaret — focus on the people you know as your network can be the ticket to getting hired. Connections are more important than what’s on your resume. Focus less on the problems, more on the solutions in your control — including what you offer and the skills and experience you can bring.

  3. Jennifer

    Not knowing what I want to be and not knowing how to figure it out.

    • Helena

      To Jennifer, please read @jeffgoins book “The Art of Work’, you’ll figure out what you want to do in no time. Good luck!

  4. Hello,
    I’m a Sr. Treasury Associate…I was in an abusive marriage for 20 years. after finding out he had an affair and father a child i decided to leave the marriage. the abuse got worse when i told him i want out he promise me leave i will be on the street. i was the only one working for 17 years. while thinking how to get myself and my three children out of this life he was gambling out all of our saving a little at a time hoping i will stay with him if i have no where to go without and finance. he kept his word and i was homeless with three kids my oldest was 17 and my girls was 14 and 7. he had gamble everything out saving and retirement funds. i apply for a withdrawal from my little 401K and when i get check i moved into a one bedroom apt. i struggle for the last 1 1 years to payoff debt he left me with still paying some. my kids are grown thank god they didnt give me any problems and went along with whatever i decided to do. my son is now married and my daughters are doing well. now my problem is finding a better paying job at 48 i have no saving or retirement. anyone company out there that can help me find a Sr. operation job with room for growth please feel free to contact me. many, many thanks



      Good for you for having the courage to get out of an abusive situation. You have lots of solid experience so instead of dwelling on the past, focus on what’s ahead and what you can do to find what you’re looking for. Don’t focus on what’s missing: lean on former colleagues who can vouch for your experience.

  5. Susan Kaye

    Has anyone been reading all of these stories of what is holding us back. If someone out there has can you post a message saying that they have been read by someone from Women for Hire.


      Most times the posts are read and replied to by everyone who follows them — each person helping each other with ideas and leads.

  6. Sandra

    Hello, I am stuck in a job with no future. No room to advance and yearly raises. I have been with this bank for five years. In addition I have three years in the Insurance industry, eight years in the Leasing finance business and ten years in the mortgage industry. The company makes billions of dollars each quarter and proudly lets us know, how good we did. But we do not see any of the profits. The internal job postings require that, you have a college degree and/or 7 to 10 years of experience for the higher grade level jobs. If you do not have this, then you are STUCK. I do not know what my real purpose in life is and I’ve tried to discover it. I feel that you should have a workshop for women like me, who feel the same way. The ideal position for me, would be in the entertainment field, as an assistant, personal assistant, promotions coordinator, talent scout or life coach. I am grossly underpaid and desperately trying not to go into foreclosure. I am willing to work two jobs just to stay afloat. I am actively looking for another job. How can I secure a job with Women for Hire? I feel that I could definitely help other women find their career path and find happiness in their lives. I know that I possess the necessary motivational, encouraging, listening skills to help other people.


      Sandra — since you know what you’re interested in, what are you doing to find it? It’s easier to get hired when you have a job, so what’s stopping you now from applying for an admin role or a personal assistant role in the entertainment field? Make a list of potential employers and just start applying. There’s so much movement in that arena, so positions open often. And if you’re clear that you’d like to stay in such a role, you’ll beat out those who use it as a spring board to get into the industry.

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