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March 28, 2023

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Many companies and organizations outsource their cold-calling campaigns to third parties. Those third parties hire full time and temporary workers—many of whom work from home—to place those calls with specific goals in mind. You may be required to convince contacts to book an appointment, commit to making a donation, or agree to try a product or service. Your calls could also be focused on debt collection.

Typically you’ll receive an hourly base pay, plus performance-based commission. While some training is provided, applicants are expected to have some high quality customer-service and/or cold-calling experience. Among the companies to explore: You should also search online for home-based telemarketing positions on the big job boards and the major search engines. Do not pay for leads; you should be able to find employers that are hiring without paying a middleman for access to that information.

You must use caution when visiting these sites. Even though they contain a lot of legitimate information, they also lead to links to stuff that’s not legit. Be cautious about the sites and the ads you see and NEVER respond to check-cashing, wire transfer or Western Union related offers.