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Jayshree Patel – Success Spotlight

Jayshree Patel – Success Spotlight

An Epitome of Resilience: Jayshree Patel’s Journey to Financial Mastery

Jayshree Patel’s professional journey is an exemplar of resilience and unwavering dedication. Since 1997, she has been a stalwart financial professional with New York Life Insurance Company, focusing her career on safeguarding her clients’ dreams and economic prospects.

Excelling in the Field: Recognitions and Achievements

Patel’s relentless drive and commitment to her profession have consistently placed her among New York Life’s top performers. In 2012, she achieved the distinct honor of becoming the Council President of New York Life, an accolade based on annual sales, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled integrity.

This honor is the highest an agent can receive and can be earned only once in their career. Moreover, she has qualified for the Council for an impressive streak of 14 consecutive years, including 13 qualifications for the Chairman’s Council and four for the Chairman’s Cabinet.

She also served as the 2008 Council First Vice President for the West Central Zone. In addition, Patel is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, earning a spot at the coveted Top of the Table in 2012.

Jayshree Patel’s Early Struggles and Personal Growth

However, Patel’s journey to the pinnacle of her career was far from easy. She grew up in a small town in India, where she, her widowed mother, and four sisters grappled with a life fraught with uncertainty and compromises following the death of her father.

Undeterred by these challenges, she married her husband, Nilam, at 18 and relocated to the United States in 1993. Immersing herself in a family business in her new homeland, Patel worked diligently to hone her language skills and adapt to a different cultural milieu.

Dedication to Client Success: A Compassionate Financial Advisor

As a financial agent, Patel’s primary goal is to empower her clients to leave a substantial legacy for their loved ones, thus ensuring their security and dignity. Her areas of specialization encompass estate conservation and financial strategies, including liquidity, survivor needs, supplemental retirement income, and college funding using life insurance and other financial products. She mainly serves small business owners, many of whom are first-generation immigrants, reflecting her own journey.

Life, Balance, and Family

Beyond her professional success, Patel prioritizes balancing her personal life and work. She cherishes the flexibility her career offers, enabling her to spend quality time with her family in Lincolnwood, IL, where she resides with her husband Nilam and their three children. The couple now work as a team, enabling Patel to travel the world with her entire family.

Professionals Approach and Success Philosophy

Upon joining the industry, Patel had to build relationships with potential clients, most of whom she didn’t know. Her honesty, confidence, and professional demeanor helped her gain their trust. Patel believes in the power of helping others and the positive returns of honest intent.

She regards discipline as the cornerstone of any worthwhile achievement and strives to value her time and that of her clients equally.

Impressive Career Numbers and Recognitions

Patel’s illustrious career is underscored by impressive numbers and numerous recognitions. She has protected over 3,000 clients since signing her contract with New York Life Insurance Company in 1997.

Her clients collectively hold more than $1 billion in insurance face value. Her highest recognition includes the Ben Feldman Life Award of Excellence in 2012.

She has qualified for the Chairman’s Cabinet four times and won the National Eagle’s Award twice. She is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table and made it to the Top of The Table twice.

Why New York Life?

For more than 168 years, New York Life has been a pillar of financial security for families and businesses. The company is known for its supportive work environment, consistently earning accolades for diversity and equality. It was recognized by Working Mother Magazine as a 2012 Best Company for Multicultural Women and named in the 2012 NAFE Top 50 Companies for Executive Women list.

The company also won the 2013 Diversity Leader Award from Profiles in Diversity Journal and was named a ‘Top Company for LGBT Equality’ by Work Life Matters magazine in 2012.

For those interested in embarking on a rewarding career with New York Life, visit or get in touch with a local New York Life recruiter at an office near you.

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