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Do Workers Take Caring Bosses for Granted?

According to a study by IMD business school of Switzerland, caring bosses who help employees with their personal and work problems shouldn’t expect gratitude, loyalty and commitment in return.

While most managers believe offering emotional support will benefit their company, most employees simply view such shows of kindness as part of their superiors’ duties and have no intention of working any harder.
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Success Spotlight: Wendy Edwards

Born and raised in Jamaica, Wendy Edwards was exposed to the importance of education and self-sufficiency right from her youthful days.

Her educational journey started at a private all-girls school that instilled disciplines of dedication and personal reliance.

Ambitiously, she moved to the bustling city of New York with her brother on her parents’ advice, pursuing an American dream, and further fostering a belief that sheer determination and hard work can unlock unlimited opportunities in the United States.

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Seven Ways Job Interviewers Try to Trip You Up – and How to Avoid Stumbling

By Vicky Oliver

With the dramatic improvement in the job market, now is the time for all job seekers to get serious about finding a job. Landing an interview is the first step. But then you’ll need to get mentally prepared for 45 of the most harrowing minutes of your life – the average length of a job interview.

Job interviews are nerve-wracking for the simple reason that interviewers like to ask questions that knock people off balance. Doing so gives them the opportunity to see if the candidate can think on her feet, come up with dazzlingly brilliant answers instantly, and keep her cool.
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Five Strategies To Advance and Own Your Professional Development


By Deborah Shane

What are you doing today to own your professional development? Are you doing the pulling or is someone else doing it for you? Careers used to move themselves, but today we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go.

It’s really always been up to us to find, get and keep a job. Just a few years ago all you had to do was call a company you wanted to work for, or ask a colleague to make an introduction, and within a relatively short time you could have a job or switch jobs.
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Career Satisfaction Outside The Wall Street Grind

Unique Career Path

While many people at New York Life Insurance Company start their career in the field and then make the switch to the Home Office, Bianca O’Brien carved her own special path.

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