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Let’s not kid ourselves: Finding a job is no picnic. Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned pro primed for a change, it takes time and commitment to land the right opportunity. Even though you’ve worked hard to get where you are today, finding that dream job can be a nightmare. Pounding the pavement is the pits. Women often face unique obstacles in their job search—from a discomfort with self-promotion to an aversion to negotiating. But these are not brick walls—Women For Hire will help you shine.

Beginning Your Job Search

The first step toward career success is being in the right frame of mind. You must believe it in order to achieve it. Start here

Career Coaching

Women For Hire offers customized, exceptional hands-on coaching services to help and empower women with their career goals.

Career Obstacles

We’ve all faced challenges: from overcoming the shock of a divorce to forging an entirely new career path. These are surmountable and we’ll show you how.

Career Resources

In this section, learn about some of our partner organizations that are ready to train and hire women of the workforce. Additionally, visit our sections for seniors, students and recent grads for help with transitional occupations. Help is also available when you’re looking to add a second job to your busy schedule and when you want to launch an entirely new career from scratch.

Careers in Sales

If you’re more of a generalist without a strong technical area of knowledge or expertise, you ought to consider sales. Careers in sales jobs can be big money-makers, especially if you’re good.


We’ve compiled resources that will serve as a handy guide to give you an idea of what it takes to get your business off the ground and running.

Job Clubs

GMA Job Club

Job Interview

Whether researching your potential employer or anticipating possible questions, preparation is the way to win.

Negotiating Salary & Benefits

Collectively, women lose over $100 billion annually in wages due to pay inequity. We want to empower you to negotiate effectively.

Professional Dress and Appearance

Though it may seem petty, appearance is critical to first impressions in networking and interviewing.

Professional Networking

Solid networking skills are essential. Find out how you can build a network of personal and professional contacts.

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Find chronological and functional resume examples as well as cover letter templates.