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June 25, 2022

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Posts By Tory Johnson

Class of 2012: Still a Tough Job Market

Graduating college students face a mixed job market at best this year, and most will leave school without an offer in hand, despite an uptick in hiring by on-campus recruiters, The Wall Street Journal reports. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers finds companies that recruit on campuses will hire 10.2% more grads than last year. But most new graduates find jobs on their own.

ALL NEW Women For Hire Magazine 2012


Should you ever take a job that’s “beneath” you? Trapped in a position but afraid to move? Ever wonder how HR reps really feel? Get answers to these questions in Women For Hire magazine, now available online. In our latest edition, Women For Hire CEO Tory Johnson reveals her Lucky 13 – a sampling of women who inspire her. She also talks about this summer’s 20-city Spark & Hustle national tour for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Shoe maven Anyi Lu talks about her switch from engineering to retailing. Suebdo’s Sue Zimmerman writes about why she loves Pinterest. This and more in Women For Hire magazine.

Women for Hire Magazine 2012

Teleclass Today, March 7

If you’re reading this it might mean you need a job. Perhaps you’re graduating from college this spring and anxious about finding work. You could be thinking of switching careers or are a mom who is thinking about getting back into the workforce after a few years “off.” Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.
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You Up to Speed on Your Digital Identity?


Two Women For Hire events down, four to go this season. One big observation is the discomfort or confusion around how to best maximize technology – and, specifically, a digital profile – for job search success. If you’re looking for a professional position, there are a few should-dos now.

1) Create a website-even a simple one.

Register your name as your domain name. (In my case, it would be If your name is taken, add a descriptor, such as,, – you get the idea.)

Post your profile and include a video. This is the ideal opportunity to deliver your pitch – who you are, your expertise, and what you seek – in two minutes. This may take 30 tries to get it right, but it’s so worth it. You can do this with your computer’s built-in camera or your iPhone. Don’t have one? Get a friend to help.

You can feature examples of your best work, if applicable, on the site. Add a blog component demonstrate your expertise in your field.

If you don’t have a professional photo, now is the time to get one. Not only for this site, but for all of your social media profiles. Dress the part, look your best, pinpoint a professional background and turn on flattering lights. Again, an iPhone will do just fine if it’s taken for this purpose.

2) Enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Surely you have a LinkedIn profile, right? Be sure all fields are complete, including the new option to add volunteer experience, as well as the recommendations, which serve as public references. Add a link to your new website too. Don’t stop until the system says it’s 100% complete.

Get active in Groups that relate to your target employers and industry. That means you can’t just join; you should contribute daily to the conversation. LinkedIn Answers is another place to demonstrate all you know.

This is the site where recruiters hang out all day, so you want to stand out in this playground.

3) Show off your web savvy.

If you’re using an AOL address, swap it for Gmail. Same goes for accounts issued by your cable provider. Go for Gmail, which is the gold standard.

Contribute to the leading blogs in your industry. Don’t worry about getting bogged down trying to remember 30 sites; the top 3 is plenty. This isn’t about showing up everywhere; it’s about actively engaging in the most relevant places. Again, make your presence known with smart comments and observations that advance the conversation.

Be sure your Facebook and other profiles are employer-friendly. That means there’s nothing posted that would prevent you from getting hired.

Tell us how you’re doing in these areas – and let us know where you’re stuck in this blog post. (And be sure to register to join us for events coming up in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Dallas.)

Meet Spanx Founder Sara Blakely & Win a Chance to Speak to 5,000 Women

Hey there – happy Monday!

I’m coming off a phenomenal two-day Media Mania program. Everyone met with dozens of top outlets, generated fresh ideas around their most intriguing coverage-worthy nuggets, and ended with exhaustion and exhilaration – in need of a weekend to unwind, digest and plot and plan next steps. The gold is always in the follow-up.

One huge reminder among our group was the importance of always adapting your story to the interests of the person you’re aiming to convince. Different angles appeal to different people. It’s true when pitching media, applying for a job, making cocktail party chit-chat or securing clients for your business.

What’s fascinating about your story? How would it differ for the audiences you’re currently targeting? Are you comfortable and capable of assessing the needs and interests of your target – and responding accordingly? Do some brainstorming and role-play today to see what you come up with.


Next week is the kick off of the 13th fall season of Women For Hire Career Expos… and we’re getting going with a big bang.

At the first event of the season, SPANX founder Sara Blakely, one of America’s most successful and sensational entrepreneurs, will join me as my special guest at our early morning seminar. 

For only $10 – the seminar has always been a nominal fee to make it possible for everyone to participate – you’re invited to register now to join us on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:30am in Atlanta for the 90-minute session.

I’ll share job search and small business start-up advice with you – and Sara will wow you with her unique brand of business savvy. You’re guaranteed to elevate your confidence and know-how many notches.

Click here to register now to join us for a spectacular start to the season.

Then next Thursday I’ll be at the Navy Pier for Women For Hire Chicago. More seminars and services than ever before to get you hustling. Join me there,too.


Imagine speaking in front of 5,000 professional women who are ready to cheer you to victory. I’ve done it – and I know first-hand how powerful it is. I know how many friends, followers and fans it earns. I know how much business can be generated from that unique platform.

Now it’s YOUR chance to experience what I’ve come to love: the ability to WOW a phenomenal audience of women who are hungry to hear from successful peers.

Register now for the Small Business Boot Camp – a partnership between Spark & Hustle and the PA Conference for Women – in Philadelphia on October 24 and 25. Then enter to win your spot on the stage where you’ll address 5,000 women at the keynote luncheon.

Go ahead – accept the challenge to build your business in a BIG way by joining us. Then let me know on my Facebook page that you’ve registered and you’re working on the application. I’ll do everything I can to cheer you to victory.

Let’s make it a spectacular week!

Tory Johnson

P.S. I have many Secret Sales coming up on WABC in New York and on Good Morning America. Let me know if you have must-have product suggestions for inclusions. Complete the form here.

Virtual Job Club Day 23: This is it!


This is it. The final day of our virtual job club. But the reality is, it’s never truly the end. The conversation can continue here and as always on my Facebook page where you’re always welcome to ask questions, share ideas and solicit feedback.

I’ve been so impressed with the caliber of the conversation here for the past four weeks. Smart questions, candid confessions and, most importantly, incredible support and camaraderie among all of you.

A few things:

–All of the call recordings will remain active for you to review anytime. I encourage you to revisit them as you need the reminders and advice.

–We will add fresh calls on the topics that resonate most with you as you request them. If you want direction on a specific aspect of job searching, let us know here and we’ll monitor and schedule based on demand.

–Many of you have promised to stay in touch. You’re welcome to do so right here. Continue to encourage one another and lean on the group for support.

If you’re in one of our six cities, I hope to see you at an upcoming Women For Hire career expo. The events have a lot going on now—all designed to serve your needs.

Finally, keep this in mind: I know you’re exhausted from the search. I know you just want to get back to work. I know this process is the pits. But when you continue to do the same old, you’ll wind up with the same old results. You have to shake things up, you have to try new things, you have to push yourself even when you’re simple sick of pushing.

For every NO, you’re one step closer to a YES because it means you’re in conversation. Never hearing NO means you’re not connecting with enough people.

Please know that we’re always rooting for your success—and we’ll continue to find fresh ways to serve you.

Tory Johnson and the Women For Hire team