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Cooper Industries

About Cooper Industries:

Cooper Industries began in 1833 as a foundry started by Charles and Elias Cooper in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. As one of the oldest non-financial companies on the New York Stock Exchange, Cooper’s history has spanned 37 U.S. Presidents, numerous global events such as the Great Depression and two World Wars, and transformational technology advances such as the automobile and personal computers. Since the beginning, our success has been attributable to a focus on innovation, modernizing our business practices while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and meeting our customers’ needs. As we celebrate the history and accomplishments of the Cooper team over the past 177 years, we have come to better understand our role in securing this proud company’s bright future. Cooper’s employees, product portfolio, business model, Culture & Values and ability to execute its Business Initiatives combine to provide us a great sense of optimism for the years ahead.

Cooper is focused on the two business segments that remain in the portfolio today – Electrical Products Group and Energy and Safety Solutions. As Cooper embarks on an era of operational excellence, it is focusing on a core set of strategic initiatives, improving management practices, strengthening the balance sheet and re-focusing its product portfolio on key technology platforms. As a result, Cooper Industries is well positioned for sustained growth in the years ahead.

Positions Available:

None. The company stopped operating.