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Federal Aviation Administration

About the Federal Aviation Administration:

When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was established by the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, our primary responsibility was the safety of civil aviation. Today we operate the world’s largest aviation system. We are responsible for the safety and certification of aircraft and pilots, for the around-the-clock operation of our nation’s air traffic control system, and for the regulation of U.S. commercial space transportation. We’re looking for employees to help us maintain our place as the world leader in aviation. So, if you have ambitious goals, this is the place to realize them.

Positions Available:

Please visit our website ( for full position descriptions and details regarding our current vacancies.

Our mission critical occupations include:

– Airway Transportation System Specialist
– Aviation Safety Inspector
– Engineer
– Human Resources Specialist
– Acquisition- Contract Specialist, Program/Project Manager, & Contracting Officers’ Technical Representative
– Information Technologist
– Security, Compliance or Certification Inspector

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