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About MDRC:

MDRC is a nationally recognized and highly respected public policy research organization. We are dedicated to learning what works to improve the well-being of low-income families and children, and increasing the effectiveness of public policies and programs. Established in 1974, MDRC has provided rigorous, nonpartisan, reliable evaluations of key interventions and policies. MDRC is organized into five policy areas: Welfare and Barriers to Employment, Families and Children, K-12 Education, Youth and Post-Secondary Education, and Low-Wage Workers and Communities each headed by substantive experts and supported by a management team. With a strong belief in careful analysis and oversight, MDRC brings together funders, policymakers, program operators, public interest groups, and researchers to build social policy initiatives of significance to both government and practitioners.  As a research/management assistant, you will have the unusual opportunity to work as part of multi-disc  iplinary teams on current social policy issues in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Positions Available:

Research Assistants
Research Analyst/Associates
Technical Analyst

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