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Miche Bag

About Miche Bag:

Miche Bag is the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of the most innovative, sensible and economical handbag concept on the market.  Miche Bag markets its product through multiple channels of distribution.  These channels include home parties and demonstration events like trade shows, women’s expos, craft fairs, etc.

Miche Bag is a simple, yet unique concept.  It allows women in a matter of seconds to change the look of their handbag without removing its contents.  The first product of its kind, Miche Bag uses magnetic interchangeable outer shells which attach seamlessly to the base bag.  This allows women the versatility to change their handbag to match any outfit.  Miche Bag has made being fashionable dramatically more convenient.  Miche Bag has fashionable designs for every woman on the go.  Whether you are a Big Bag kind of girl or a Classic, at Miche Bag you will find styles you just can’t live without! With the new shells and accessories being added monthly to our product line, the Miche Bag is one handbag that will never go out of style!  What are you waiting for?  Start your Miche collection today!

We are excited to share with you the great opportunities that are available with our company.  Miche Bag has seen a fantastic rate of growth this year with thousands of women purchasing and falling in love with their Miche Bags.  The unique concept of our product truly allows for one bag, with endless possibilities.

Positions Available:

Become an Authorized Distributor – Are you looking to develop a full time business opportunity from home? Do you have prior experience in direct sales? Miche Bag is always looking for qualified individuals to join our network of authorized distributors across the nation.

Become a Representative – Would you like to earn extra income and have fun meeting other women? Becoming a rep does not require any business experience, it is simple and can be rewarding with little monetary investment. This is a great opportunity for additional income or a fun hobby!

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