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U.S. Department of State/Diplomatic Security

About U.S. Department of State/Diplomatic Security:

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) is the security and law enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of State. DS is a world leader in international investigations, threat analysis, cyber security, counterterrorism, security technology, and protection of people, property, and information.

Positions Available:

Special Agent: Diplomatic Security special agents are federal law enforcement officers who serve worldwide. Overseas, our special agents advise ambassadors on all security issues and coordinate all of a mission’s security programs. In the United States, agents investigate passport and visa fraud and protect the Secretary of State and visiting foreign dignitaries.

Security Engineering Officer: Security engineering officers are highly skilled professional engineers who serve worldwide. Security engineers are responsible for the technical and informational security programs at our diplomatic and consular posts overseas. In the United States, engineers provide support for our overseas operations.

Security Technical Specialist: Security technical specialists are assigned throughout the world to develop, implement, and maintain technical security programs at U.S. diplomatic missions.

Diplomatic Courier: Diplomatic Couriers ensure the secure movement of classified U.S. Government material across international borders.

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