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U.S. Secret Service

About the U.S. Secret Service:

TThe Secret Service is a Federal Law Enforcement agency with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. and over 125 offices throughout the United States and abroad. Congress charged the Secret Service with two responsibilities, protection of our nation’s leaders and criminal investigations.

The protective mission of the Secret Service includes protection of the President and Vice President of the United States; their immediate families; former Presidents and their spouses; widows and minor children of former Presidents; major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and their spouses; and visiting foreign heads of state.

Its investigative responsibilities have expanded to include the area of counterfeiting of currency and securities; forgery and altering of government checks and bonds; thefts and fraud relating to electronic funds transfer; financial access device fraud; identity fraud; telecommunications fraud; computer fraud; telemarketing fraud; and fraud concerning federally insured financial institutions.

Positions Available:

Secret Service careers are available as Uniformed Division Officers, Special Agents, and a variety of administrative, professional, technical and clerical occupations.
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