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Diversity Recruitment

A Note from Women For Hire CEO

It’s been a rewarding and challenging journey since founding Women For Hire in 1999. For starters, the company began with just one employee (me!) and pleas for part-time support from family. Everyone was called into action and their efforts – from contacting employers and distributing flyers to setting up tables and arranging the catering – paid off: Our first event in October of that year was by all accounts a terrific success. Fifty employers and 1,500 women packed a midtown Manhattan ballroom.

Another successful New York event the following spring convinced me that women’s career expos weren’t just a novelty. Employers and jobseekers were interested in our events and we were ready to expand.

We’ve long since moved out of a corner in my apartment, we have a fulltime professional staff, and our client list has grown to include more than 1,500 leading employers in several top markets throughout the country. We’re now a full-service recruitment services firm and we’ve seen more than 150,000 women come through our doors.

Women For Hire events are credited with thousands of successful hires. We’re also routinely applauded in the media for empowering hundreds of thousands of women by arming them with information to support their career advancement.

None of this terrific success would be possible without the extraordinary support of the leading employers that participate in our events, advertise online and in our magazine, post positions on our job board, and speak at our seminars.

I salute you for embracing diversity and seeking the best talent.

As a WBENC-certified woman-owned business, we hope you’ll call on us to serve your recruitment needs so can join together to continue to advance women in the workplace.

Thanks for your time,

Founder &CEO
Women For Hire