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Beginning Your Job Search

Brush Up Your Office Skills with Free Tutorials

Many times when applying for administrative positions, you’ll be asked to take a test to certify your skill level in various Microsoft Office programs. You might use Word, Excel, or even PowerPoint often, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re familiar with all of the tools and options to maximize the efficiencies and capabilities of each program. Before a placement agency is willing to send you off to its clients, the recruiter will want to verify how well you can operate these programs. Or prior to making an offer, a direct employer will want to know the same thing. Don’t lose out on an opportunity because you didn’t brush up.

Beginning Your Job Search

The First Step…Self Esteem & Confidence

The first step toward career success is being in the right frame of mind. You must believe it in order to achieve it. Since the power of positive thinking can propel your career forward in any direction you dream, you must begin your journey by promising to be optimistic and believing in your own ability to reach beyond your current situation.

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