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March 28, 2023

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Tomboy Tools

About the Company:

Tomboy Tools, Inc., founded by Janet Rickstrew and Mary Tatum in 2000, and an Entrepreneur magazine Top 100 Brilliant Company (2010), is the only provider and direct-seller of hands-on education and high-quality hand tools and power tools for women. We foster an internal culture that supports women and inspires them to feel confident using tools and encourages them to share that knowledge with others. We also offer entrepreneurial opportunities for those looking to start their own Tomboy Tools business. Our mission statement:  To build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity, sums it up nicely!

As a direct selling company, we offer inspiration through “Tool Parties” where our Sales Consultants offer guests simple tool applications, hands-on projects, share project ideas and money saving tips, and the confidence to tackle basic projects on their own in a fun, social, and engaging environment.

Tomboy Tools product line of high-quality pink tools was inspired by the growing demand of women wanting their own quality tools in pink, as well as our vision to give back to causes we are passionate about through our Pink for a Purpose Fund initiative. Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers and manufacturers to provide tools that are effective, lightweight, durable, high-quality, ergonomically designed and comfortable for women. Combine that with education, inspiration, and an entrepreneurial spirit and you’ve got a woman who is driven to get things done!

About the Opportunity:

There is no better time to get involved in the home party business.  Direct selling (over $28 billion industry) offers people the skills and tools to create new income opportunities – to venture out on their own as entrepreneurs and grow in confidence versus being consumed by the fear associated with a shrinking job market.

You can choose between our Basic Starter Kit for only $149 (valued at $262) or the Premier Starter Kit for only $289 (valued at $478) based on your budget and business needs. Both Starter Kits are filled with the essential tools, business marketing collateral, and training materials to get your business started. In addition, your business will be supported through our Back Office Management System with additional tools, resources, tutorials, how-two’s, and training, and can be accessed directly through your Personal Tomboy Tools website (PWP). You will have the option to choose between website subscription levels based on how you want to manage and grow your Tomboy Tools business.

Ready to be inspired and get started?  Call our corporate office at 1-866-260-1893 or click here to get started today!