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Previous Events

We are thrilled to welcome all visitors to our “Previous Events” section. This is a hub of inspiration, empowerment, and community-building, showcasing the remarkable range of events we have hosted over the years. This page offers an unprecedented look into the history of Women For Hire, detailing events aimed at promoting women’s professional growth and their economic and social contribution to society.

Over the years, Women For Hire has been at the vanguard of driving empowering, transformative, and groundbreaking events. These events range from networking forums, career fairs, symposiums, motivational speaking engagements, to various skill-building workshops.

Each event represents a significant moment in our organization’s journey and serves as an empowering testament for every woman striving to reach her professional pinnacle.

As you click on the links of our previous events, you shall gain valuable and insightful resources shared by our roster of illustrious speakers and mentors. These resources encapsulate life skills, career advice, leadership strategies, and practical tips aimed at fostering professional growth and self-advancement for all women.

Explore the array of previous events that have garnered remarkable feedback and overwhelming participation. These events have not only been the stepping stones for women onto a career path but they have also been a source of inspiration, motivation,

Spring ’14 Online

Fall ’13 Online

Summer ’13 Online Open Houses

Spring ’13 Online

Fall ’12 Online

Fall ’12 In-Person

Spring ’12

Fall ’11

Spring ’11

Fall ’10

Spring ’10

Fall ’09

Spring ’09

Fall ’08

Spring ’08

Fall ’07

Spring ’07