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April 1, 2023

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Financial Manager

Dawn Doebler


R2 – Rules of Retirement
The New Middle Age Spread(Techniques for women with mature husbands)
The Second Time Around(Tools for finances of a second marriage)
The Passive Path to Profits
Five Tax Tips for Financial Fitness
Creating Your Own “Big Give


Dawn Doebler is an experienced portfolio and wealth manager. She holds a BA in Financial Planning and Economics and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Maryland along with Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner designations.

Dawn is uniquely qualified to address the complex issues resulting from today’s volatile markets. Her extensive knowledge base comes from 15+ years of experience, including management level positions in wealth management, financial consulting, small business development, and multi-national financial systems consulting. Dawn specializes in working with professional women and their families to provide custom wealth management solutions. Her clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, affluent families, and newly wealthy individuals. As a Certified Public Accountant, she integrates tax-saving strategies for retirement planning, portfolio management, estate minimization techniques, and charitable giving.


I conduct one on one consultations for women nationwide and wealth management seminars for groups in the greater DC area. My passion is empowering women with the techniques and mindset for achieving true financial independence. With a diverse set of personal and professional experiences, I speak to the broad range of financial issues faced by today’s women.

My seminars and approach blend the process of identifying ones own wealth goals with universal and sound investment fundamentals. Topics include:

“R2 – Rules of Retirement”
“The New Middle Age Spread” (Techniques for women with mature husbands)
“The Second Time Around” (Tools for finances of a second marriage)
“The Passive Path to Profits”
“Just Say NO to High Expenses”
“Five Tax Tips for Financial Fitness”
“Creating Your Own “Big Give”

Rave Reviews

“I registered for your seminar because of recent good fortune from my stock options. Now I know what steps to take to secure my financial future.”
~ Nicole D.

“Dawn’s seminar and my follow-up meeting gave me the confidence I needed after my recent divorce. I know my children and I will benefit for years to come because of her help at this difficult time.”
~ Suzanne S.

“Thank you for your talk today. You opened my eyes to the risks in my current financial situation. I look forward to implementing your tips for correcting the costly errors I’ve made along the way. ”
~ Kathleen H.

“I’ve always worried about the impact of my husband’s older age on my financial future. Thanks to you, I now have the tools to protect my wealth.
Elizabeth L.

“Dawn’s input on how to structure my small company’s retirement plan was invaluable. I’m confident that my retirement will be more fulfilling because of her input.
~Angela C.


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Stacy Francis


Investing in the Road to Riches
Living Large on Less
Staying in the Financial Fast Lane While Changing Career Gears
Banish the Bag Lady Nightmare: Learn How to Retire Rich
8 Steps To Financial Freedom
Make Friends With Your 401(k)
Make Uncle Sam Pay You – Top 50 Overlooked Tax Deductions
Make Money Work for You – Investment Boot Camp


I’ve been called the human Prozac of wealth management! I literally take the worry and anxiety out of managing your finances.

Hello, I’m Stacy Francis, President of Francis Financial, Inc., an independent, fee-only, financial planning firm that helps individuals just like you achieve financial freedom.

My background in finance began with my education at New York University Center for Finance, Law and Taxation. I successfully completed CFP® education requirements and CFP® certification exam. I graduated CUM LAUDE from Middlebury College with a B.A. in International Economics and French. I was formerly employed as Director of Investment Relations at Robinson, Lerer & Montgomery. I was an investment banking analyst at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp. specializing in financial services.

As a nationally recognized expert in finance, I have appeared on The Today Show, CNBC, Fine Living and am frequently quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Barron’s, CNN, The Daily News, Dow Jones, Money Magazine, MSN, Newsday, and many others.

I am also the Founder of Savvy Ladies®, a 15,000+ strong non-profit organization that empowers women to take control of their finances and achieve a more rich and rewarding life.

I am committed to empowering my clients to discover what’s important to them and in doing so I get to see their dreams come true. One of the most important things I do for you is I do NOT sell products such as insurance, nor do I accept commissions or compensation from any other source. This means you will receive unbiased advice concerning your financial decisions at all times. I’m here to ensure you clearly understand where you are, help you determine where you want to go and then I show you how to get there and I’m here every step of the way.


I speak over 40 times a year to both national and international audiences about important money issues with an emphasis on money smarts for women. One of the most important qualities to my presentation is my message resonates with a diverse audience, young and old, educated and uneducated, all races, money smart and not so money smart.

The second thing is my message is simple and easy to understand. In a poised, energetic and generous style, I use easy to understand language that doesn’t require a degree in Finance to comprehend. I share a wealth of information and I walk the audience through exercises immediately introducing them to tools for taking charge of managing their finances in a knowledgeable and empowered fashion.

The message I deliver is fresh, it’s timely and it’s one that is singled out time and again by the press. I have appeared on The Today Show, CNBC, Fine Living and am frequently quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Barron’s, CNN, The Daily News, Dow Jones, Money Magazine, MSN, Newsday, and many others.

What makes my presentation unique is my holistic approach to wealth management. There is more to a person’s finances than a person’s bank account. I teach my audience to explore their values and to make decisions and to build dreams based on what’s important to them…to their values. Planning financial wealth based on personal values creates lasting rewards rather than mere monetary gain. We cover topics such as goal setting, budgeting, debt, spending, savings, investments, retirement and much, much more.

Finally, I share information and education on the financial tools to use along the way based on my continuing education and professional expertise.

Rave Reviews

“I can’t stress enough how Stacy’s workshop ended up changing my life. Much thanks to Stacy for allowing me to realize what is possible.”
~ Lorelei De Mesa

“From Stacy’s seminar I have gone from being wholly indecisive to wholly prepared and financially ready for the next step in my life!”
~ Nicole Lerario

“The seminar was really well presented and digestible. The approach you took made it very easy to apply to my life and financial goals. Thank you so much!”
~ Trish Martin

“The Stacy’s presentations are even more interesting because they are geared towards women and created by a woman that was well informed in the subject matter. I am now on my way to a better financial future. Thank you!”
~ Hazel Seda

“Stacy’s workshops have been one of the most positive and easy experience I have ever had. I will never be in the financial dark again!”
~ Sandra Mateo

“Through attending Stacy’s event I’m much more confident now about my ability to handle my finances. Thank you!”
~ Denise Grant

“The presentation was incredibly useful!”
~ Joan Snyder

“Great work. Your presentation was clearly explained and very helpful.”
~ Richard Gusman

“This seminar was great!”
~ Jen Alper

“Your presentation was amazing. You reminded me of how powerful I am and what potential I have. Your presentations are life-affirming!”
~ Rebecca Spath

“Stacy is an excellent speaker. She spoke eloquently, made eye contact, involved the audience and explained things clearly. I look forward to attending the forthcoming seminars!”
~ Evangelina Stavros

“Stacy’s style of presenting is great, very precise and super informative.”
~ Evans Goka

“Stacy is funny, personable, friendly, warm and very informative. Her seminar was excellent!”
~ Sandra Eimoznino


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