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Lisa Stone, CEO Blog Her

Lisa Stone is a leading figure in the world of digital media, social media, and blogging. She has dedicated much of her career to empowering women in these spheres and has had a transformative impact on how women engage with and utilize digital media.

Born in the United States, Lisa began her career in journalism. She worked for several reputable news outlets including CNN, where she earned her stripes as a critical observer and commentator on socio-political issues. During this time, Lisa developed a keen interest in the potential of the internet as a tool for information sharing and community building.

In 2005, Lisa co-founded BlogHer along with Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins. BlogHer is a media company and online community platform for women who blog and use social media. The platform grew rapidly, thanks to its valuable content and supportive community of female bloggers, and played a significant role in shifting perceptions about women’s involvement and influence in the digital space.

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As CEO, Lisa focused on building a participatory community where women could find a voice, connect with others, and create opportunities for themselves. Under her leadership, BlogHer grew into an influential network, helping thousands of women to create content, learn, share their experiences, and earn income from their efforts.

Lisa’s work at BlogHer has been widely recognized. She was listed in Entrepreneur’s 10 Most Powerful Women in New Media and Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Web 2.0. Her ability to leverage digital media to create communities and encourage women’s expression has positioned her as a thought leader in her field.

Beyond BlogHer, Lisa has also served as a Strategic Advisor for several tech start-ups, sharing her expertise in community building and digital media to help guide their strategic direction. Her commitment to inclusivity and representation in digital spaces continues to influence her work and contributions to the digital media landscape.

Lisa Stone continues to remain active in the field of digital and social media, leveraging her skills and expertise to create a more inclusive and participatory digital landscape. Her continued contributions are greatly valued in the industry, and her passion for empowering women through digital platforms remains evident in her work.