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Will Work From Home Book

An all-new book from Women For Hire!


Will Work From Home is most definitely a sign of the times. Join the mission today to Earn the Cash Without the Commute.

Ditch the commute. It’s not just a dream anymore.

Thanks to advances in technology, acceptance of outsourcing, the trend towards flextime, and other factors, working from home is now easier than ever.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom in need of extra cash, a retiree whose savings have fallen short of what’s required to make ends meet, or a professional who must come up with increased income to cope with the rising cost of living, this new book is jam-packed with advice, resources, and specific steps to guide you to make money from home.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take your current position home
  • Find a new company whose policies will allow you to work from home
  • Discover companies and resources devoted specifically to home-based workers
  • Research a product you believe in, and sell it from home
  • Start your own business, doing something you love, for a minimal initial investment
  • Spot and avoid the money-sucking scams that deceive people every day
  • With real-life stories, step-by-step plans, resource guides, and lists of scams to avoid, this is the book that helps readers to make money from home––without giving up family, flexibility, creativity, or peace of mind to earn a decent living.

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Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash Without the Commute is available wherever books are sold.