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November 17, 2017

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The Power of Women


Only one lesson matters in the ousting of Bill O’Reilly, which follows the firing of his former boss Roger Ailes, the man who built Fox News: women have a voice. A mighty voice.

Gretchen Carlson had the courage to speak up with her allegations of sexual harassment against her old boss. By refusing to suffer in silence, Gretchen paved the way for other women to come out of hiding with their experiences, too. That led to firings, settlements and a federal investigation of Fox News.

While it’s often scary to speak out against powerful people, especially when they exert control over your career or your paycheck, it’s sometimes more beneficial — albeit difficult — than allowing improper behavior to flourish at the expense of the innocent.

Women have so much power, a lot of which is untapped, so are we so scared? What do we fear — and why do we have so much fear — when we possess this enormous power?

How do we tap that reserve and start putting our clout to work? That’s the question we want to ask — and act on — as we reflect on the mess that’s unfolded at Fox.


  1. Donna Boehm

    I am sorry but I am 62 and I have worked in so many areas many different types of workplaces . I have to say was an attractive woman and I have had men come on to me if you are a woman a nice looking woman that dresses nicely it happens . The thing is how you as a woman handle yourself . If you give them a loom that says your over setting and turn your back on them they stop. If they don’t you wait till your alone with them and tell them point blank knock it off not interested . That is the pervs.

    On an everyday basis a women that carries herself in a respectful manner . Doesn’t listen to the dirty stuff or laugh at dirty jokes. Wear professional clothing don’t show breasts and legs heals stripper tall men know which women to approach and which ones will kick them in the balls.

    I have never had to report or get anyone fired I was woman enough to handle myself and carry myself where it did not start to have to stop it .

    Pervs you shut them done fast and hard .
    Not sue for millions of dollars That is bullcrap or get a man fired .

    Be a real woman handle your business like a real professional lady.


  2. Nancy Williams

    While it’s great to see this issue brought to the forefront, I remained reserved in it’s impact towards change. This issue remains constant in the workforce by simple metamorphosis. Workplace harassment is simply a chameleon of sort, what it is today will transform into a new type of harassment and discrimination tomorrow. What needs to change is our cultures viewpoint on women and their value to society. Not sure I have the answers but one way is for women to stand up for other women who are experiencing harrassment. I experienced the opposite when I worked for a consulting firm. My female boss never toom the time to hear my side of the story and believed the males viewpoint. I ended up walking away from this job because I knew no one believed me. Years later this male was asked to leave the company and the truth came out. Harrassment is real. We must stand alongside those being victimized and not turn our backs because the abuser has more power.
    As I mentioned, I’m positively reserved about the impact of this event as a huge step in workplace harrassment.

  3. Avis A Getting

    Women want to be treated equal? Then quit acting like a prim proper sissy. Women look at men and make snide comments. Guys don’t make a federal case out of it.They roll with it, ignore

  4. Constance

    I was from a mertinity leave when things started to get difficult at work my son was very week and getting sick in winter and that fuelled a bad relationship with her. I will send her an sms or email to let her know still in hospital or that I didn’t sleep my son is sick am taking him to the Dr until one day she called to tell me my family reponsibily leave was finished and with taking my days for leave have to prepare in time meaning I have to come to the office book and she will reply and that is when I can take leave. She asked for record of all the time I called in the morning I asked a fill record from my Dr for all the days I took my son in because even before I took him to hospital I will try the Dr and he will refere me to hospital. Or he will start at night and will go the emergency. But had leave day’s but she didn’t allow me to call in the morning to tell her My son sick, can’t come to work. She told me the reductionist role needs me to be there always and arranged a meeting for me with one of the manager’s they gave me a letter stating that if i call in the morning for my son being sick they are not going to pay the day. It was well with me because for me to take my son to the Dr or I knew that I would not be intarogated for it but they will just not pay it but it didn’t last for long. One day I asked for a study leave she said to me my study’s are not in line with my job she refused to give me a study leave but took my leave days to write axams. But later on i got retrenched because the company didnt have money.The most annoying thing about it was that she was lady even if she didnt have children and up until today i dont understand why does it have to be struggle to take a sick child to hospital or Dr. A lady who is capable of giving birth doing that to another woman.

  5. Lydia Papadopoulos

    I personally have been sexually harassed many times, but I make sure that the perpetrator gets more than he bargained for. I will not allow any one to harasse me . I put them in their place either verbally or physically. Women should not allow anyone to harasse them. Give these men a spoonful of their own medicine.

  6. Jan

    I have been fortunate not to have to deal with it.There were times when it came close to border line, but I ignored it. I had no more incidents.
    If you are a victim, the time to speak is right then!No one is worth your peace of mind and safety at your work place.. You deserve to be there without harassment like everybody else.

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