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January 26, 2023

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  1. Tara, You know this to some degree since we’ve spkoen so much since we met at SXSW. But our decision to make major design changes completely altered our brand perception of BlogcastFM. It makes people want to be on our show. I also have been upgrading all my audio equipment to get to a point of better sound. A few years back we were running things on Godaddy. THe site kept getting really slow and on a day we had a post go viral I spent hours on the phone with their suppor team when I finally got fed up and pulled the plug. All these things seem small but they add up to create an overall perception. I’m always stunned when I see somebody who has these amazing credentials and then you look at their site and it looks terrible.

  2. Hey great post! I hope it’s alright that I shared it on my Twitter, if not,
    no worries just tell me and I’ll delete it. Either way keep up the great work.

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