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December 13, 2018

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Finding the Right Fit is Key to Success

By Shoya Zichy

Corporate culture is the sum of an organization’s goals and values. Fortunate individuals who find themselves in the right culture feel both energized and valued by their boss, peers, and subordinates. Others, in the wrong setting, might be stifled and frustrated by practices and processes that run counter to their natural style. Finding the right culture for your personality is a key component to job success and overall quality of life. Cultural fit is closely related to the structured and adaptable components. Please note that neither type is better or smarter than the other. Each has its success stories and failures. They key is knowing yourself and finding the right fit.

Please choose among the following sample questions:
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Mistakes Even Smart Women Make in the Workplace



By Crystal Cotton

I’m always inspired by the resilience women have shown in overcoming work-life challenges — balancing family and career, and making choices which affect their family’s physical, mental and emotional health, — yet, still baffled by some of the mistakes smart women make in the workplace.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics today’s workforce majority is female (51.4 %), and about 59% of women hold Bachelor’s degrees. More women are CEOs of their own or Fortune 500 Companies than ever before. And, women are now dominating formerly male-heavy fields like Financial Analyst, CPA’s and Health Care Administrators.

Great strides, right? So why are so many smart women still struggling to make successful paths for themselves at work? Why have some women catapulted over the gender disparities, while others can’t break through?
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Join Us in Support of Work Flexibility


Do you know anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance for a more flexible work arrangement? After all, workers with flexible jobs have half the stress level of those without. That’s right, half the stress. Though opportunities to work from home, or have a flexible schedule, or work part-time have certainly increased over the last decade, a lot more needs to be done. And that’s why 1 Million for Work Flexibility is such an important initiative.
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Four Surprising Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Bad Boss

By Dr. Noelle Nelson

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for all that you have — even a bad boss says Dr. Noelle Nelson, psychologist and author of Got a Bad Boss? Work that Boss to Get What You Want at Work (2013, Amazon eBook, $7.99).

“Surprisingly, there is a lot to be thankful for when you have a bad boss,” says Nelson. “Once you decide not to let your boss’ incompetent or immature behavior get the best of you, you can start focusing on how you can work your bad boss to get the most out of your job or career.”

Nelson cites four reasons to be thankful for a bad boss.
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Land Your Next Job with Conversational Intelligence

By Judith Glaser

Knowing how to have an effective conversation is not just an inherent talent — it’s a skill backed by science that anyone can learn. In my new book CONVERSATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, I translate complex scientific material into adaptable practices for anyone to master and apply to getting a job and rising in a company.

Conversational Intelligence™ is what separates those who are successful from those who are not — in business, in relationships, and even in marriages. Read More

Are Women in Top Management the Keys to Success?

Gender diversity and organizational culture are critical in achieving strong financial results and a high performing culture, aka “performance magic,” according to new research from PA Consulting Group.

PA Consulting Group analyzed the public reports of 50 U.S. and U.K. companies over a six-year period to reveal that companies with female leaders generated higher total shareholder return. The report illustrates the relationship between financial success and organizational culture success by analyzing employees’ responses to interviews around engagement, behavior and values.
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