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March 20, 2023

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We’re the best!

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We are delighted to have been selected as one of eCollegeFinder’s Best Career Advice Blogs of 2015! We are in great company: FlexJobs, Gen Y Girl and CareerAlley to name a few.

Since 1999 it’s been our mission to help women. From recent grads to stay at home moms returning to the workplace, we arm them with solid advice on how to launch or revive their careers.

We talk regularly with both employees and employers on how to best meet everyone’s needs. Keep us posted on your ideas.

Tory's Skin Scare: Date with a Dermatologist


I’m not one to share photos without a trace of make-up (except for some must-have eyeliner), but this is a bit different.

After many months of worrying about two teeny spots that have bugged me since appearing out of nowhere on my face (and getting worse over time, not better), I finally decided to get checked out. My dermatologist didn’t like them either: given the irregular borders, odd coloring and asymmetrical form, she called them precancerous and promptly removed them. (Two on my face and one on my shoulder—gotta love the arrows created by Michelle!) I’m not out of the woods yet: we’re watching a few other spots and waiting on lab results.

So my message to all of you: get your skin checked out now and lather on the super-strength sunscreen even if you don’t think you need it.

Share you skin-saving experiences with everyone here because peace of mind with our health enables us to perform our very best.