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Just Saying

Happiness at Work Begins With You

Keryl Pesce is a happiness expert and the author of Happy Bitch – The Girlfriend’s Straight-Up Guide To Losing The Baggage and Finding the Fun, Fabulous You Inside.

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Just Saying: Help Your Kids with Career Choices

Parents help their kids find good grade schools, land their first summer jobs and get into college. So why shouldn’t we help them find a career? One of the best things parents can do is to talk about career choices when the kids are young and then keep the conversation going through college, says L.M Sixel.
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Just Saying: Staying Motivated Against All Odds

We’ve all faced challenges and triumphed over adversity – some of us better than others. The key to facing rejection, says writer Alexis Sclamberg, is to keep moving, deal with the pain and move on.  She also suggests embracing the steps along the way and taking pride in small victories.

Just Saying: Alison Doyle

Alison Doyle, Guide to Job Searching, is a job search and employment expert with many years of experience in human resources, career development, and job searching. We asked her about current trends.

You’ve covered job searching for a long time. What’s changed the most in the last three years about what it takes to get hired?

What’s changed most about job searching over the last few years is that for many types of jobs simply posting your resume or filling out an online job application isn’t enough. Employers are taking recruiting social and using professional networking site LinkedIn and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to seek candidates for employment. That means it’s important for job seekers who are seeking professional positions to have an online presence where companies are hiring — or they will be at a disadvantage in this competitive job market.
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Just Saying: Moms, Don't Feel Guilty


Many moms feel they’re pulled in so many directions that their kids suffer. But here, author Christiane Erwin tells moms to “live, work, and parent unapologetically. I spent many years feeling that no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough for someone. Now I know that there is no such thing as “not good enough,” there’s simply who I am.”