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Virtual Customer Service

Working Remotely in Customer Service: An Inside Look at Arise, Sykes, Apple at Home, and Other Top Companies Offering Virtual Jobs


By Emi Leon

Interested in remote customer service jobs but not sure where to start? Uncover the secrets of thriving in the virtual customer service industry with our comprehensive guide. From in-depth company profiles of industry leaders like Arise, Sykes, and Apple at Home, to essential skills for success, and expert tips on acing the application process – we’ve got it all covered. Dive in now to unlock the potential of your career from the comfort of your home.

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Interviewing for Virtual Customer Service


Treat virtual interviews just like in-person interviews. You can’t be any less professional, just because you’re not sitting across the desk from an interviewer. No background noise — like crying babies, barking dogs or TV.

The interviewer is judging your phone and typing manner, because your voice will be the virtual face of the company. Give yourself 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to do it right.

Practice the scripts. The decision makers tell me that one place where people stumble during the application process is the voice test. Applicants are required to read a script with enthusiasm, which can be very difficult.

If they can’t do it effectively, they’re often rejected. Here are two sample scripts used during the application process, so try them — and perfect them — on your own before applying:
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