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Women For Hire TV Videos

Emaleigh Benner, Quintessentially

Emaleigh Benner works for Quintessentially, an international concierge firm, on their British Airways account. We caught up with her at her perch in the first-class lounge at New York’s JFK Airport. There, Benner aims to satisfy any last-minute requests, from front row seats at fashion shows and spur-of-the-moment chartered yachts to impossible-to-book theatre tickets or dinner reservations.

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Barbara Madsen Smith, President of Bottomless Closet

Meet Barbara Madsen Smith, president of Bottomless Closet NYC, a vibrant nonprofit group that helps poor women in New York dress for success. Barbara Madsen Smith has been involved in strategic planning at Bottomless Closets since 1999.

Bottomless Closet is a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged New York City women become self-sufficient through a comprehensive program that begins with business attire and interview preparation and continues with professional development, financial management, and personal enrichment.

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Genevieve Bos, Publisher “Pink Magazine”

We caught up with Genevieve Bos, co-founder and publisher of PINK Magazine, in her New York hotel room after a busy day making advertiser rounds. As co-founder and publisher of PINK, the red-hot magazine for professional women, Bos leads the company’s national sales and marketing operations. She’s enthusiastic about sharing the thinking behind PINK that says professional women can achieve a beautiful career and a beautiful life.

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Betsy Rich, Blue Horse Digital

Betsy Rich, a seasoned producer, made a dramatic career shift in 2003, moving from network news to the corporate world. Before this transition, Rich had left her mark on ABC’s esteemed news shows, ’20/20′ and ‘World News Tonight,’ where she played an instrumental role in covering wide-ranging topics from politics to the economy and breaking news. Stationed in London and New York, she cultivated an invaluable international perspective, setting a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

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Get a better To-Do List


The To-Do list is a standard business practice, however some productivity experts recommend you scrap the traditional one all together. For 3 better ways to organize your to-do list check out The Muse, Lily Herman’s recommendations here.

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Nancy Redd, Author “Body Drama”

Twenty-six-year-old Nancy Redd exudes energy and confidence the second she walks into a room. She’s passionate about her role as a mentor to teenage girls, and in her new book, Body Drama, the New York Times Bestselling Author provides insight into women’s bodies and advice that only a mother might give – but most don’t! The photos of naked women of different shapes and sizes and ages are the real thing, as is Redd. Two weeks after graduating from Harvard with an honors degree in Women’s Studies, Redd won the title of Miss Virginia, going on to make the Top 10 and winning the swimsuit competition at Miss America 2004.

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