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Betsy Rich, Blue Horse Digital

Betsy Rich, a seasoned producer, made a dramatic career shift in 2003, moving from network news to the corporate world. Before this transition, Rich had left her mark on ABC’s esteemed news shows, ’20/20′ and ‘World News Tonight,’ where she played an instrumental role in covering wide-ranging topics from politics to the economy and breaking news. Stationed in London and New York, she cultivated an invaluable international perspective, setting a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

In the corporate arena, Rich utilized her considerable expertise in producing to address a different set of challenges. She teamed up with John Upshall, her long-standing production partner, and co-founded Strategic Video LLC. This venture marked their collective entrance into the world of business video production, providing them an avenue to employ their skills in a business-focused context.

Yet Rich’s vision extended beyond this. She went on to establish her own company, Blue Horse Digital, concentrating on a niche but vital aspect of the corporate world: protecting and managing corporate video assets. This endeavor underscored her ability to anticipate and address unique corporate needs, further demonstrating her adaptability and leadership in the field.

Betsy Rich’s professional repertoire includes not only impressive production work, but also a specialization in crisis management, litigation, and both internal and external communication. This versatility has led her to work closely with several attorneys from top-tier law firms, allowing her to navigate complex legal and corporate environments adeptly.

As both a producer and a writer, Rich has been recognized extensively for her work. She is the recipient of numerous awards, marking a testament to her outstanding talents and consistent excellence in the field.

Despite her demanding professional life, Rich manages a fulfilling personal life as well. She resides outside New York City with her husband and children, maintaining her connections with the city that once served as her newsroom, while enjoying a family-oriented lifestyle away from its bustling core.