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December 19, 2018

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Career Experts

Matilda Virgilio


Express to Destress
Start With the End In Mind
Joy In the Simple Life
Where have you been. Where are you going?
Women Warrior


Much of Matilda’s creative expression step from her immigrant roots. The use of collages grew from a child’s dream to have beauty in an ugly world, to an adult’s need to express emotions and complex concepts via collage assemlby. A favorite quotes states that “art is a way of knowing”; collage assembly helps to simplify what words alone can’t say.

Married at 21, divorced at 31. Her seven year daughter was never the same emotionally, and the newborn struggled most of her life with both physical and attention difficulties. Matilda had to dig deep into her creative spirit and come up with some hope and a survival plan. Her dining room became a sewing room and over a span of twenty years garment alterations evolved into a costume design business. Being self employed helped shape her into a very resourceful, competent mother and interdependent woman.

Getting effective child support, a never ending cycle of frustration, was well worth the 25 year effort. Carla, now 37, has a Journalism BA from Hofstra University. She is a web designer for, recently married and lives in Tucson Arizona. Annette, now 25 and expecting her first child, majored in Musical Theatre/Education NYU. She teaches young children at the Waldorf School in Garden City NY.

Matilda’s BA in Sociology & Business was from Molloy College. She is still self employed, teaching English and Italian at the Berlitz School of Languages. Recent projects include a visual aid teaching module tool. She hopes to share her passion for self discovery via collage assembly. She is also a Dale Carnegie life coach with several private clients and is facilitating hospice care for her 89 year old “mamma”.


Story Telling is a craft. The most engaging speakers take you on a journey without your knowing it. They transport you to their world. New perspectives open your imagination. You link the story to your past totally connected to the story, the speaker and the moment. It’s as if time stands still…and before you know it…you want more, but the speaker is walking off the stage. Eager for a more intimate connection, you make sure to ask how you can catch their next appearance. Their story is now part of you.

Rave Reviews

2007 “Power of Collage and Gestalt Therapy”- Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan CT – Rehab Applications
2007 “Children’s Favorites Retold” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2006 “Collage Fun for Children” – Queens County Farm Museum County Fair – Facilitation and Discussions
2006 “Express to De-stress” -NAMI National Convention, Washington DC – Art Exhibit and Presentations
2006 “Story Boards and Dreamscapes” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2005 “Inside the Pages”- Self Esteem & Teens – Girl Scouts of Nassau County, NY – Collage Facilitator
2004 “Award for Achievement in Public Speaking”-Dale Carnegie Institute – Unanimous Peer Vote
2003 “The Shadows of Expression” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2002 “Expressive Personal Journey” -Valley Stream Historical Society –Art Show and Discussion
2001 “Domestic Violence in the workplace”- Wingate Inn, Mineola, NY -Bi-lingual Presentation
2000 “Memories and Dreams” -Department of Mental Health of Nassau County -Team Renewal
1997 “Hospice Care and the Expressive Arts”- Molloy College, Rockville Center, NY- Gerontology Workshop


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Melody Brooke


Oh, Wow, This Changes Everything! Transform Your Life and Relationships.
Creating a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace
What is the Right Use of Power? (Ethics)
Raising Compassionate Kids
Success From the Inside Out


After a childhood of abuse and neglect and two failed marriages Melody decided there had to be a better way. Counselors and self-help books agreed that it was her parent’s and husband’s fault. Applying this new knowledge widened the gulf between them. It didn’t take much of this before she KNEW their had to be a better way. With three kids to take care of, she needed to find it fast. Well, it took a dozen years to grasp how alike we really are, and more importantly, how to bridge the gap between us when all seems lost.

Melody first worked with adolescents and their families. Success required helping everyone see each other’s perspective. When Melody entered private practice she was drawn to working with severely emotionally disturbed clients. Behind their seemingly irrational behavior she saw rational processes controlled by a viewpoint distorted by years of abuse.

Melody’s model evolved from understanding the distortions her clients used to survive in a scary world. Her techniques transformed their lives and allowed many of them to return to the workplace for the first time in decades. The results are just as remarkable when applied to couples, families, and even in the workplace. What she loves about sharing these tools with “normal” people is the ripple effect it has on their children, spouses, parents, and co-workers.

Practicing what she preaches, Melody is now happily married and has five children enjoying the ripple effect in her life.

Melody is a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, graduating Texas Woman’s University in 1989. She is published in Radix Journal, Dallas Recovery Magazine, The Southwest Morticians Journal, Plano Child Magazine, on the Dan and Jennifer Relationship website, and is the author of Cycles of the Heart; A way out of the egocentrism of everyday life.


Melody explores the mind-body connection in her crusade to transform our personal and professional relationships. Her proven techniques work in the most stressful situations to help entrenched parties bridge the gap between their irreconcilable stances.

Through her nearly 20 years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, Melody has reached people with her positive messages about love, happiness and the search for meaning in our lives. When you are faced with low morale, communication conflicts, customer service issues, managing change, the need for improved teamwork, or just need a great laugh and attitude adjustment…the Counselor is in!

On stage, Melody is a bundle of energy that inspires you with specific, fun-filled strategies that launch you into action. You will be energized with new ways to enhance your relationships, increase the joy in your life, and to find the success you deserve.

With boundless energy and a message that invigorates even as it enlightens, Melody Brooke tells it like it is. She captivates audiences with real, practical solutions for successful communication and relationships without fluff and hype. You will walk away with a better understanding of leadership, life, your self and communication. This brilliant creator of the “Cycles of the Heart” model uncovers the secret ingredients of every day relationships to unveil hidden obstacles to success at home and in the workplace. And she makes it fun in the process. Known for her authenticity and energy, Melody blends humor and story telling with interactive, application-based programs that inspire motivation and implementation from her audiences.

Melody’s message is a powerful aid whether your group wants to improve their personal relationships at home or develop a team of collaborative and trusting colleagues at work.

Rave Reviews

“Melody is a skilled facilitator with great management of her audience. Her fun presentation really reaches her audience.”
-Elexis Rice, Speaker, Author

“Melody surprised me with her fun, light and playful approach. I really want others to know that Melody can provide a real possibility of a breakthrough.”
-Claire Phillips, Bedford, Tx

“Melody is an engaging speaker-articulate, warm, and light hearted. Her material is creative and accessible. She inspires hope for lasting Change-both in behavior and in attitude.”
-Cedar Barstow, RightUse of Power founder.

“Melody speaks from the heart about the things that matter most. Her delivery is authentic, gentle and moving.”
-Lisa Olson, Spark! founder.

“Melody’s presentation helped me see the patterns in relationships I’ve had. She was enthusiastic and got everyone involved. She presents a very Buddhist way of thinking and interacting.”
-Kathy Staford, Ancho’s Personal Chef Service

Feedback from attendees:
“I really enjoyed it!”
“Your talk is right on target”
“Good information I can share with my clients, thank you!” (from a therapist)
“I enjoyed Melody’s presentation in every way!”
“It was light and uplifting and well organized.”
“Melody’s talk enlightened me. It helps me plot a path for my thinking when dealing with issues.”
“Totally enlightening!”
“Great visuals and examples.”
“I enjoyed the whole program. It was well spoken with good content.”
“What I will take away is that taking ownership doesn’t mean getting down on myself for making mistakes.”
“I really enjoyed sharing with the person next to me and your ‘real’ stories from your clients. You are an honest, open, pleasant speaker. I love the hearts- wonderful (given out at the end.)
“The presentation made it clear how we operate in situations and made me think more about empathy.”
“It was very clear and helpful.”
“I loved the magic wand!”


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Nancy Barry


Do Your Customers and Clients “Feel the Love”?
When Reality Hits – Will You Be Ready?
The Ultimate Employee Orientation
Surely They Know…or Do They?


A successful 25-year corporate veteran, Nancy Barry walked away from what she describes as “the best job in the world” to focus on her love of public speaking and her desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Her extensive business experience, contagious enthusiasm, positive energy, and humor make her a dynamic presenter. Nancy will motivate, educate and inspire your audience!

Nancy is an expert on “soft skills” – the practical lessons in business savvy, communications and building relationships that can be applied immediately. She firmly believes soft skills are the key to success in life and business.

Nancy is a motivational speaker on a variety of topics. One of her passions is helping twentysomethings be successful in their careers. Nancy has the opportunity to speak on college campuses and corporate clients hire her to help get their young professionals off to a great start. She is the author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know, published by Brown Books in May 2007. In Nancy’s book, she tells twentysomethings what managers want them to know and don’t have time to tell them

For the last 16 years of her corporate career, Nancy worked for The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV, where she served as vice president of community services and vice president of The Dallas Morning News Charities, an annual campaign that raises money for the hungry and homeless.

Nancy is a member of numerous professional organizations including: National Speakers Association, National Association of Colleges and Employers, and National Association of Women Business Owners. She earned her B.S. degree from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Nancy lives in Dallas and is the proud mother of two children, Chris and Lauren.


Are you looking for an energetic speaker who will motivate, educate and inspire your audience? You may have found just what you’re looking for!

Nancy is a “soft skills” expert who has a passion for helping people be successful in their careers. Her extensive business experience, contagious enthusiasm, positive energy, and humor make her a dynamic presenter. Your audience will gain a fresh perspective from Nancy’s real-world stories. She has a special way of relating to audiences so they feel as if they’ve known Nancy forever.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Nancy Barry…

• Nancy is committed to exceeding the expectations of her clients.
• She is extremely easy to work with.
• Nancy will customize a presentation that will directly impact your audience.
• She shares original and useful information, which can be applied immediately.
• Nancy’s passion is contagious!

Some of Nancy’s clients include: ExxonMobil, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jackson Walker, TXU Energy, Southern Methodist University, The University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Economic Development Council, and Corporate Housing Providers Association.

Nancy has appeared as an expert source on several television shows, including Good Morning Texas (WFAA-TV), Good Day (KDFW-TV), and Positively Texas (KTVT-TV). She has also been featured as the on-air career expert on the Texas State Radio Network, WBAP 820, and eWomenNetwork radio show. Articles about Nancy and her book, When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know, have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, The Advocate, and The Oklahoman.

We invite you to explore her website,, to learn more about Nancy and her signature presentations. She would love to visit with you about speaking at your upcoming event!

Rave Reviews

“For more than 35 years, ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program has been recognized for its commitment to providing college students with experiences that create lasting appreciation for careers and leadership in the nonprofit sector. CSPJ seminars are key components of the program and designed to provide interns with tools to enhance professional development as well as personal development. Nancy’s presentation, When Reality Hits – Will You Be Ready?, helped provide a foundation for all this and more. The benefits the interns will reap from hearing and learning from Nancy will last a lifetime.”
— Millicent Boykin, ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program

“I can’t say enough about the qualities that made working with Nancy such a positive experience for us. It is apparent that Nancy is a keen observer of life and of people, and she is able to draw on a wealth of experience. The event was a stunning success. The positive feedback we have received from attendees shows that her speech accomplished its goal of informing and motivating.”
— Bunny Summerlin, Metrocrest Social Services

“Nancy Barry presented the top-rated session of our national RiteCare conference. She captured her audience with an engaging presentation filled with pearls of practical content. It is rare to find a speaker so dedicated to personalizing a presentation to their audience. Nancy Barry did that for us.”
— Gladys Kolenovsky, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

“Thank you for the excellent commencement address you gave to the graduates. It was both refreshing and stimulating. There is no doubt that it helped put some important ‘icing’ on a day that will be memorable to each graduate and their families. You are a good friend to the University of North Texas and we look forward to continuing this relationship over the years.”
— Thomas Evenson, Ph.D, University of North Texas


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Pamela Pope


Retirement Life by Design: Living Well
Work and Caregiving: What Employees Don’t Know and Can’t Tell You


With over a decade of experience as a health care professional, running a national elder care advisory company, publishing a well regarded book (Retirement Life by Design Living Well), and hosting a radio show (Retirement Life Radio) Pamela Pope is a certifiable expert in strategies for retirement quality of life and caregiving to aging adults.


Informed. Empowered. Inspired. All words that capture the attendee experience with Pamela’s presentations. Whether the audience is individuals, professionals, or policy makers, they are informed with new and outside-the-box strategies, empowered with tools to master their role, and inspired to take decisive action to affect change.

Rave Reviews

I would describe this experience as quite informative and educational for anyone faced with the responsibility of taking care of aging parents or loved ones. The presentation, information, and resources make the seminar lecture well worth it. It was not only helpful for my concerns for my mother; it encouraged me to start making my own home easy to use. Brenda L., -Caregiver

My sister and I came to this class to plan for our mother’s needs. I have to say, I wouldn’t change a thing; you covered everything I wanted to know and gave direction on what to do next.

A seminar attendee about her elderly mother: She did not fall asleep which is a real compliment to you!
Rita G., -Caregiver

Abridged List of Presentations & Recognitions:

* St. Louis Community College
* (small business television) featured small business owner podcast
* Microsoft Vision to Venture women-owned business panel
* Keynote address 2008 Missouri Conference on Minority Aging
* 2008 Semi-finalist $1,000 small business grant


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Pat Detmer


Avoiding the “Joe Rules”: Stop Managing to the Lowest Common Denominator–You see it time and again: draconian rules at the workplace that are put in place to address the behavior of a single employee or as a reaction to a single incident. It’s a waste of time, effort, and company resources. Don’t do it.
Don’t Move the Dock: Managing Sales Reps–(For the sales manager or owner who acts as sales manager.) Every morning, sales reps get into their boats armed with tools and maps and a set of expecta-tions. They push off from the dock (the office), and after spending the day ram-ming into competitor’s boats and doing battle and rowing around in circles, they need to know that the “dock” hasn’t moved. How to create a solid foundation for your sales force to return to, and if the “dock” must move, how to do it without causing widespread panic.
Ten Things to Avoid When Working from Home–You have that home-based business you always wanted and all the difficulties that come with it. A humorous look at work avoidance in the home office. An-swers the question “Can I take myself out for lunch for National Administrative Assistant’s Day and write it off?” and “Do I have to buy myself flowers on Na-tional Boss Day if I work for a jerk?”


For most of her career, Seattle-area based Pat Detmer has been the rare female in a man’s world. She managed floor employees in a printing plant in her twenties and went into sales in her mid-thirties, later becoming sales and market-ing manager for a regional distributor. As part of her management training, Pat attended Toastmasters and did well enough in a their annual speech contest to proceed to the regionals. She might have won there as well, but they wouldn’t let her go on due to a technicality: she’d only been in Toastmasters for eight months, and contestants needed a full year of membership to participate.

Pat is also a humor writer and has had a column in a newspaper on Whid-bey Island for six years. She put these first of these essays into a book called “Laughing All The Way: Riding Herd on My Middle-Age Spread.” She’s also ap-peared in Newsweek, the Seattle Times, the Eastside Journal, has a column in the Newcastle News, and her essays have been printed in several newspapers in the Midwest, where she lived in her youth. She’s won humor and fiction contests, and has appeared in 3 short story anthologies.

Pat is currently a sales and marketing consultant with The Quincy Group, a mergers & acquisitions and consulting business that she began 5 years ago, and in which her husband and several other associates have joined her.


Someday I’ll write a book entitled “Later On, I’m Jumping Out of a Cake.” One night at a business dinner, I was seated at a long table of male managers, with me being the lone female in attendance. The waitress kept looking at me as if she was wondering how I fit there, so I whispered the above when she took my order.

For thirty years I’ve worked in a man’s world. I smoke cigars, play great customer golf (I suck, and always lose), and swear like a longshoreman. But I believe that there are very real differences in how men and woman think, and I believe that these differences are good, and that businesses should embrace that diversity and put that yin yang to good use.

I’ve approached my career – and everything else in my life – with a sense of humor, and would have probably been a stand-up comedian if it didn’t require staying up past 9:30 p.m. My speeches – although informative – are always skewed to humor. I learned that in my sales career: When all else fails, use hu-mor. And food, preferably chocolate.


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Patricia Hutson


Our Dreams Can Build the Community, One Project at a Time
IEEE Student Activities Development Workshop
Learn Yourself, Know Yourself, Promote Yourself to Others


Pat is a self-employed licensed independent health and life insurance agent. She has retired from a leading telecommunications company, became a college professor, and completed course work for a doctorate degree. All of this while motivating groups, peers, and young adults to succeed despite exterior influences in their lives or environment.


Pat is an exceptional speaker. Her life experiences, and her ability to uplift and reinvent herself despite personal changes, have allowed her to identify with the audience and recognize the needs and lifestyle redirection required to endure a crisis and come out on the other side successfully.

Rave Reviews

One of her co-workers stated, “Pat is one of the smartest, methodical and passionate professionals I have had the pleasure to know. Her attention to detail and problem solving abilities make her excel in her career.” Pat has spoken at Rotary Clubs, college graduations, sororities, and social service organizations.


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