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Patricia Hutson


Patricia Hutson is a self-employed licensed independent health and life insurance agent. She has retired from a leading telecommunications company, became a college professor, and completed course work for a doctorate degree. All of this while motivating groups, peers, and young adults to succeed despite exterior influences in their lives or environment.


– Our Dreams Can Build the Community, One Project at a  Time

– IEEE Student Activities Development Workshop

– Learn Yourself, Know Yourself, Promote Yourself to  Others


Pat is an exceptional speaker. Her life experiences, and her ability to uplift and reinvent herself despite personal changes, have allowed her to identify with the audience and recognize the needs and lifestyle redirection required to endure a crisis and come out on the other side successfully.

Rave Reviews

One of her co-workers stated, “Pat is one of the smartest, methodical and passionate professionals I have had the pleasure to know. Her attention to detail and problem solving abilities make her excel in her career.” Pat has spoken at Rotary Clubs, college graduations, sororities, and social service organizations.