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April 1, 2023

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Peter Marx


Resume Writing for Military Veterans
Job Search Assistance for Military Veterans


I’m Peter Marx, your GIJobCoach . “I Write Resumes For Veterans”. I am a Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, hold a Bachelor of Science in Resource Development, and my work has been published in the JIST publisher series of “Expert Resumes”, including “Military to Civilian Transition.” I am a member of the Career Masters Alliance and a Patron Member of the National Military Family Association. I’m an expert on Military Skills Conversion, which is a must if you want to translate “military speak” to civilian English on your resume.


I’m the Founder and Principal of GIJobCoach. I serve Veteran clients of all branches and ranks who are in transition from military careers to the full range of civilian jobs for which military service has prepared them. Whether a first termer, mid-level manager, senior professional or career changer, I can help you present yourself to employers in resume language they’ll understand.
I can assist you with veteran specific information on resume writing and job search. I have over 16 years experience as a Transition Assistance Program Manager for the Department of Defense. If you have any questions or concerns about your transition from military to civilian life, feel free to ask me at

Rave Reviews

Your help on my resume got my foot in the door of 4 financial companies. I was in negotiations with them, plus another company seeking my management skills (another resume you helped me with) and a government job when I received a call for an interview with the government job. I got the government position! So, thanks for all your help. I have since helped several folks I know here at the Pentagon with their resumes, using your techniques, although certainly not near the level that you provided to me…
LtCol Mark”

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the help I received from Mr. Peter Marx in helping me with my resume. I was overwhelmed by his expertise. I have been unemployed and looking for a job for over a year and half. With the help he provided I am confident I will land a job soon. His knowledge and expertise are extraordinary. I can not begin to express my gratitude….thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! Sincerely, Sgt Shirley

I want you to know that I just got a job offer this afternoon. It is with the Social Security Administration. It’s a GS-7 step 1, and then in 1 year I get promoted to GS-8 or 9 and have the possible opportunity for a GS-11 in a year or two after that. I was hoping for a GS-9, but I’m just happy to get into the system.Thank you again Peter, you were just so helpful in helping me get a job. Sgt Shirley


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