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Matilda Virgilio


Much of Matilda’s creative expression step from her immigrant roots. The use of collages grew from a child’s dream to have beauty in an ugly world, to an adult’s need to express emotions and complex concepts via collage assemlby.

A favorite quotes states that “art is a way of knowing”; collage assembly helps to simplify what words alone can’t say.

Married at 21, divorced at 31. Her seven year daughter was never the same emotionally, and the newborn struggled most of her life with both physical and attention difficulties. Matilda had to dig deep into her creative spirit and come up with some hope and a survival plan.

Her dining room became a sewing room and over a span of twenty years garment alterations evolved into a costume design business. Being self employed helped shape her into a very resourceful, competent mother and interdependent woman.

Getting effective child support, a never ending cycle of frustration, was well worth the 25 year effort. Carla, now 37, has a Journalism BA from Hofstra University. She is a web designer for, recently married and lives in Tucson Arizona. Annette, now 25 and expecting her first child, majored in Musical Theatre/Education NYU. She teaches young children at the Waldorf School in Garden City NY.

Matilda’s BA in Sociology & Business was from Molloy College. She is still self employed, teaching English and Italian at the Berlitz School of Languages. Recent projects include a visual aid teaching module tool. She hopes to share her passion for self discovery via collage assembly. She is also a Dale Carnegie life coach with several private clients and is facilitating hospice care for her 89 year old “mamma”.


– Express to Destress
– Start With the End In Mind
– Joy In the Simple Life
– Where have you been. Where are you going?
– Women Warrior


Story Telling is a craft. The most engaging speakers take you on a journey without your knowing it. They transport you to their world. New perspectives open your imagination. You link the story to your past totally connected to the story, the speaker and the moment.

It’s as if time stands still…and before you know it…you want more, but the speaker is walking off the stage. Eager for a more intimate connection, you make sure to ask how you can catch their next appearance. Their story is now part of you.

Rave Reviews

2007 “Power of Collage and Gestalt Therapy”- Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan CT – Rehab Applications
2007 “Children’s Favorites Retold” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2006 “Collage Fun for Children” – Queens County Farm Museum County Fair – Facilitation and Discussions
2006 “Express to De-stress” -NAMI National Convention, Washington DC – Art Exhibit and Presentations
2006 “Story Boards and Dreamscapes” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2005 “Inside the Pages”- Self Esteem & Teens – Girl Scouts of Nassau County, NY – Collage Facilitator
2004 “Award for Achievement in Public Speaking”-Dale Carnegie Institute – Unanimous Peer Vote
2003 “The Shadows of Expression” -Valley Stream Library – Art Show Exhibit and Discussion
2002 “Expressive Personal Journey” -Valley Stream Historical Society –Art Show and Discussion
2001 “Domestic Violence in the workplace”- Wingate Inn, Mineola, NY -Bi-lingual Presentation
2000 “Memories and Dreams” -Department of Mental Health of Nassau County -Team Renewal
1997 “Hospice Care and the Expressive Arts”- Molloy College, Rockville Center, NY- Gerontology Workshop