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Building a Thriving Career with Avon


Avon, a globally recognized beauty and personal care brand, has been at the forefront of empowering individuals to build successful careers for over a century. This article will delve into the myriad opportunities Avon offers, the benefits of choosing a career with Avon, and how to navigate the path to success within the company.

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Viviane Woodard


Mission- Combining excellence in skin care products with a business opportunity in the Direct Sale Industry, Viviane Woodard is committed to positively affecting women. We believe with the satisfaction of promoting products that really work comes self empowerment and a fulfilling career.

Vision- Viviane Woodard is a leader and innovator in the skin care industry. For over fifty years our products have helped clients achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Viviane Woodard innovated the three step skin care system of cleanse-tone-moisturize that is now the industry standard.

Know Your Skin, Get to Know Viviane Woodard products, Determine your solutions.

Concept- The Viviane Woodard skin care line carries on the 50 year legacy of the revolutionary breakthrough that identified water, not oil, as the catalyst for healthy, beautiful skin. Our flagship strategy of basic skincare, called Moistrio™, is based on Viviane Woodard’s original cleanse-tone-moisturize system that is still the industry standard. Viviane Woodard Consultants help identify skin challenges and provide solutions. We offer the stability of proven treatments and the confidence in remedies evolving to reflect modern innovations in skin care that specifically treat the variety of skin conditions we all face.


We are looking for discerning individuals who want the best for their skin at affordable prices. Joining the Viviane Woodard Team provides the opportunity to grow your income, increase your contacts and build a satisfying business knowing you are beautifying the world one person at a time. Our Consultants want quality products not glitz, education not hype, real results not cheap promotions.


Cosmetics, Fragrances, Haircare/Hair Accessories, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care, Skincare


Nu Skin

About the Company:

For 25 years, Nu Skin has been demonstrating its tradition of innovation through a comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio, independent business opportunity and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Nu Skin’s scientific leadership in both skin care and nutrition has established Nu Skin as a premier anti-aging company, evidenced in its unique ageLOC™ approach to target the sources of aging and flagship products including the Galvanic Spa® System II, Tru Face® Essence Ultra, LifePak® Nano and the g3 nutrition beverage. A global direct selling company, Nu Skin operates in 48 markets worldwide and has more than 750,000 independent sales representatives. Nu Skin Enterprises is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “NUS.”

About the Opportunity:

Nu Skin’s vision is to become the world’s leading direct selling company by generating more income for our distributors than any other company. The company pays the highest percentage of sales revenue in distributor commissions of all direct selling companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In addition, during its 25-year history Nu Skin has paid more than $6 billion in commissions to its global network of distributors, including nearly $530 million in 2008. The strategy behind Nu Skin’s “Wealth Maximizer” compensation feature is to increase early leader success, in part by raising average commission earnings for new executives. The company also provides international opportunities and business support. With one of the industry’s most powerful seamless global business opportunities, independent Nu Skin distributors can do business in 48 global markets.

Nu Skin’s anti-aging product portfolio features exclusive products such as LifePak Nano, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II and Tru Face Essence Ultra. In addition, the company’s unique ageLOC™ approach goes beyond merely addressing the signs and symptoms of aging to target the sources of aging.


Cosmetics, Haircare/Hair Accessories, Health/Fitness/Wellness, Nutritional Supplements, Oral Hygiene, Personal Care, Skincare, Weight Management


Mía Mariú

About the Company:

Mía Mariú LLC was launched by Maria Eugenia Price in May of 2008. Mía Mariú is the nation’s first network marketing company in the direct selling industry to focus on the needs of Latina women as well as a pioneer company in the cosmetics and health nutrition industry being one of the first companies to develop customized health and beauty products for the Hispanic market.

Our mission at Mía Mariú is to foster the leadership potential of Latina women by providing them an entrepreneurial opportunity so they can develop themselves as stronger women emotionally, intellectually and financially benefiting themselves, their families and their communities. We do this by recognizing and fulfilling their beauty and health needs through prestige, high quality, natural based, exclusive products especially created to meet their needs.

“As Latinas we have been largely ignored by the beauty and health sectors yet we all have real needs. Our commitment is to meet these vital beauty and health needs so you can become a more beautiful, healthier, stronger and more confident woman. Our commitment goes beyond just meeting your product needs; Mía Mariú represents our Latina essence, our passion, our feelings and that special warmth that exists within each of us regardless of our country of origin or generation. We are dedicated to bringing you what you deserve to enhance your beauty, your health and your future.”

— Maria Eugenia Price, Founder Mía Mariú

About the Opportunity:

Why the Mía Mariú Business Opportunity?

We are the first of our kind! Mía Mariú is the nation’s first direct sales company created especially to meet the health and beauty needs of Latina women. Mía Mariú is also a pioneer in the cosmetics and health nutrition industry being one of the first companies to develop customized health and beauty products for Latinas. Our products are sold through parties or sales presentations.

Our parties average between $350-$500. At a Mía Mariú Home Party, there is no formal presentation and no pressure. Guests drop in for a fun ladies night out playing with Make-Up, they get a personalized color matching session, learn quick professional make-up application techniques and purchase the products they like. It’s just that simple! Mía Mariú offers a fun and exciting business opportunity. We’re growing rapidly. All markets are wide open for Mía Mariú Associates!

Earn as much money as you want.
Set your own hours.
Enjoy what you do.
Set your own sales goals.
Be recognized for your achievements.
Earn free prizes and vacations.
Meet new and interesting people.
Receive the training and support you need to be successful.
Learn as you go, no experience necessary.


Cosmetics, Nutritional Supplements, Skincare