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Viviane Woodard


Mission- Combining excellence in skin care products with a business opportunity in the Direct Sale Industry, Viviane Woodard is committed to positively affecting women. We believe with the satisfaction of promoting products that really work comes self empowerment and a fulfilling career.

Vision- Viviane Woodard is a leader and innovator in the skin care industry. For over fifty years our products have helped clients achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Viviane Woodard innovated the three step skin care system of cleanse-tone-moisturize that is now the industry standard.

Know Your Skin, Get to Know Viviane Woodard products, Determine your solutions.

Concept- The Viviane Woodard skin care line carries on the 50 year legacy of the revolutionary breakthrough that identified water, not oil, as the catalyst for healthy, beautiful skin. Our flagship strategy of basic skincare, called Moistrio™, is based on Viviane Woodard’s original cleanse-tone-moisturize system that is still the industry standard. Viviane Woodard Consultants help identify skin challenges and provide solutions. We offer the stability of proven treatments and the confidence in remedies evolving to reflect modern innovations in skin care that specifically treat the variety of skin conditions we all face.


We are looking for discerning individuals who want the best for their skin at affordable prices. Joining the Viviane Woodard Team provides the opportunity to grow your income, increase your contacts and build a satisfying business knowing you are beautifying the world one person at a time. Our Consultants want quality products not glitz, education not hype, real results not cheap promotions.


Cosmetics, Fragrances, Haircare/Hair Accessories, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care, Skincare