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Tips Jar

Tips Jar: Cutting Distractions Working at Home

Working from home but finding that all those distractions are getting in your way?  This piece says the four best ways to increase your productivity are to 1) Prepare your week with a weekly schedule 2)  Inform friends and neighbors of your work hours 3) Limit your time on social networks and 4) Reschedule household tasks to do before or after working hours. What works best for you? Let us know.


Tips Jar: Temping to Boost Your Job Search

By Jeanine Hamilton

If you’re like most job seekers, your goal is to find a permanent, full-time position. To find this position, you might contact hiring organizations directly, tap into your network, or maybe even work with a recruiter. The idea of “temping” to find your job might not be on your radar, or might be something you are considering as a last resort. Many job seekers think temping only benefits employers, when actually it can benefit the candidate, too.What you don’t know about temping could be preventing you from landing your dream job.
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Job Search Tip: Act Like An Athlete

Career coach Bobbie LaPorte advises her clients to adapt the mindset and strategies of an athlete in order to manage successful careers. Discipline, self-awareness and resiliency all translate from winning on the field to excelling in the business world, she says. Here’s how to do it:

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