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Job Search Tip: Act Like An Athlete

Career coach Bobbie LaPorte advises her clients to adapt the mindset and strategies of an athlete in order to manage successful careers. Discipline, self-awareness and resiliency all translate from winning on the field to excelling in the business world, she says. Here’s how to do it:

Envision the Finish Line and Make a Plan to Reach It: Define your goal clearly and create an action plan to obtain it, much as all-stars start at the desired “win” to frame their training and performance.  Without an overall strategy to guide your efforts, you can be easily distracted.

— Find Your Own Success Team: Ask someone you admire in your industry to be your mentor and learn his or her best practices.  Develop a professional network of people who can help you be successful. Share career aspirations and achievements as well as concerns or fears with close confidants.   They can help you celebrate the good times and push you through difficult periods.

— Don’t Give Up: When you feel discouraged, remember the times you’ve seen professional athletes, Olympic competitors and even the kids in your local soccer league come within seconds of defeat — only to somehow find the inspiration, discipline and singular focus on their goal to win.

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