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March 20, 2023

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Career Obstacles

The New Rite of Passage

iStock_000005467861XXLargeCollege students study just an hour a day, half as much as their parents did. They view college as a place to meet people and learn relationships and when they graduate, a third of them go back home to live with their folks — double that of grads in the 60s. And when it comes to finding a job, “Many young adults have not been given basic information about how to go about this,” David Brooks writes in The New York Times. 

Mind the Gap


IMG_5393The only gap we love is the one between Michael Strahan’s front teeth.

A far less appealing gap is this one: Today marks how far into the new year women must work to earn the income that men earned in the previous year.

In nearly every line of work, including female-dominated fields, a wage gap exists that affects women of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education.

In 2013, women earned on average just 78% of the income earned by men for full-time year-round positions.

What do you have to say about that? And what’s YOUR solution for pay equity?

Tell us below and grab these tiles to share as you wish.

Speak Up 78-100

Pregnant? Know Your Rights at Work

girl on computerAs it relates to the workplace, pregnancy is an area many women go into just hoping for the best and trusting that their best interests will be protected, but Mackenzie Dawson says that’s a big mistake.

Finding Work When You’re Older


iStock_000003804600 smallOlder job applicants know that age discrimination is a fact of life, but some are finding ways around it by going after jobs at smaller organizations that are more receptive to hiring them. Read more on The New York Times.

What’s Your TOP Career Goal for 2014?



If your New Year’s resolution is to break into a new field or expand your role in your current position — what’s stopping you from making it happen?

Whether you need to build your network or find more time for your job search, we’d like to hear from you.

Tell us below how you promised to change your career in 2014 and what steps you’re taking to make your dream a reality.

What have you learned through the process and what advice would you give anyone looking to make a similar change?

Our experts will review your responses and you may receive a personalized reply.
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Are You Underpaid? Take this Quiz to Find Out

by Shoya Zichy

At least 51 percent of the time I tend to be more:

1. Apt to meet conflict head on -or- Apt to avoid conflict where possible (choose one)

2. Frank and direct -or- Tactful and diplomatic (choose one)

3. Objective when criticized -or- Apt to take things personally (choose one)

If you selected two or more answers in the right column, chances are that you’ll be underpaid by approximately 25% of your true value. That’s because you’re sensitive to your relationship with your boss and tend to step back from pushing as far as you can or should.
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