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Mind the Gap

IMG_5393The only gap we love is the one between Michael Strahan’s front teeth.

A far less appealing gap is this one: Today marks how far into the new year women must work to earn the income that men earned in the previous year.

In nearly every line of work, including female-dominated fields, a wage gap exists that affects women of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education.

In 2013, women earned on average just 78% of the income earned by men for full-time year-round positions.

What do you have to say about that? And what’s YOUR solution for pay equity?

Tell us below and grab these tiles to share as you wish.

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  1. Reb

    Unions are the ONLY place to receive equal pay.

  2. Anna

    The fact that women have to work for 3.5 months longer for the same pay is ridiculous. Women have proven over and over these years their quality of work. Equal work, equal pay is the goal to aspire to. I am fortunate to consult for a company that has no glass ceiling and equal pay.

  3. Jodi Silverman

    I believe a good place to start would be for women to ask for what they are worth. We have the right to ask for a raise and cannot allow the fear of being considered aggressive keep us for asking.
    Coming from the entrepreneur side of things, I learned this from my very first Spark & Hustle event over 2 years ago and it has stuck with me: Women entrepreneurs need to start setting their prices for their products/services based on the value they will bring to their customers/clients. In other words, decide on what you want your business to look and feel like, what types of clients you are looking for and then set your rates accordingly and do not waiver.
    It will take time, but we must start asking for what we are worth!

  4. Jocelyn Baker

    Women take the first step go to your boss and nicely ask for a raise, do not demand. I am sure you are doing more work then your male co-workers. We must get aggressive and get equal pay. That is why I try to work Union jobs, but now most people think negatively about Union’s thanks to negative media. Women Go Get What You Need!!

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