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U Design Jewelry

U Design Jewelry is not your typical Direct Selling Jewelry Company. We are one of the only Direct Selling Jewelry Companies that actually allow the customer to design their own quality jewelry! Yes, the customer is the Designer! Customers choose from a wide assortment of beads to make their design. Every item is unique and personal to each customer. If a customer is not feeling creative, no problem! Our Design Representatives also offer items in our catalog as well as a wide selection of pre-made designs for you to choose from. The possibilities are truly endless. We also only use quality materials such as Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Semi-Precious Stones, Freshwater Pearls and more. We do not do any “costume” jewelry. The best news is we offer our products at very affordable prices! We provide each representative with a proven business plan that keeps everything simple. Ninety percent of our Design Representatives had no jewelry experience at all! We will supply all the training you will need! We will give you all the support you need to start your own jewelry business.

Are you looking for:

· An opportunity to earn additional income? Earn 50% or more on everything you sell.
· Something new and unique (not the same old parties)?
· Freedom to set your own schedule?
· A way to express your creativity?
· A hobby that can turn into a business?
· An endless supply of personal, unique, quality jewelry?

These are just a few of the things that U Design Jewelry can offer. We also have a program to fit anyone’s needs:

Sales Representative program – $350 Starter Kit

· Sell out of our Catalog and Monthly Sales flyers
· Design your own jewelry and sell it as well.
· Just make jewelry as a hobby.

Design Representative program – $1,500 and $2,500 Kits (plus monthly promotions)

· Allow customers to design their own jewelry!
· Sell your own designs.
· Starter Kit includes everything you need to have a party the next day including a WIDE assortment of quality beads.

We are also more than happy to answer ANY of your questions.


Experience an exclusive dive with Jennifer Bonacorsi, the creative mind behind U Design Jewelry, brought to you by Learn about her journey in the jewelry business, her design inspirations, and the secrets to her success. This exclusive piece is only available on Enjoyed the video? Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us your favorite part. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more insightful and unique content from

Silpada Designs

Since 1997, Silpada Designs has empowered thousands of women’s lives by building self-esteem, forming lifelong friendships and helping them achieve financial freedom. As the original and fastest-growing .925 sterling silver jewelry home party company in the United States and Canada, Silpada’s handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively by nearly 28,000 independent representatives. Silpada is committed to offering only the highest-quality products so much that the company offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Silpada is so much more than sterling silver jewelry. Silpada’s passion to empower women to define their own success is the driving force behind Silpada’s growth and helps women flourish as they pursue their own definition of success with Silpada. By starting your own Silpada business, you can be your own boss and set your own hours. Silpada representatives choose how much they initially invest in their businesses and carry no inventory. Our handcrafted jewelry is just one reason why Silpada home parties consistently average $950 in retail sales—nearly twice the direct-selling home party industry sales average. To find out how Silpada can help you find new passion in life, call 888-SILPADA (745-7232) or visit


888-SILPADA (745-7232)

Designing Success: An Exclusive Interview with Jenny O’Brien of Silpada Designs |

Immerse yourself in this exclusive interview with Jenny O’Brien of Silpada Designs, brought to you by Grab this unique chance to learn about her journey in the jewelry design industry, her inspirations, and the secret ingredients to her success. This exclusive piece is available only at Did you enjoy the video? Don’t forget to share your favorite part in the comments. Also, remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more exclusive content

Michele Baratta atHome

Michele Baratta’s jewelry is not just made by hand; it’s made with heart…”Inspired by Heartfelt Emotion”. Her charms, etched with symbolic images and inscribed with words and phrases, are deeply personal expressions of her life. Much of Michele’s jewelry designs are meant to hold a cherished photo; portraits that reinterpret memory, fleeting images of loved ones, suggestions of family and the passage of generations.

Every piece is hand-made and hand-casted with the highest quality of sterling silver, freshwater & cultured pearls and semi-precious stones. We design, cast, assemble and package each piece as a gift. Michele Baratta jewelry has a true artisan look.

Michele Baratta atHome is a California Jewelry company created to empower women. Our Independent Consultants own their own boutique jewelry business and sell through home parties and online.

Michele Baratta atHome is unique in the home party world, but not new to merchandising and designing. Celebrities such as Felicity Huffman, Kathie Lee Gifford, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Pickler and fashion magazines love Michele’s jewelry. She has sold wholesale to Nordstrom, Jjill, Sundance Catalog, Marshall Fields, Land of Nod, Macy’s and thousands of boutiques around the country for 15 years prior to opening the Michele Baratta atHome direct selling company.

Unlike other jewelry companies we don’t purchase our jewelry from different vendors in other countries and then resell it. Our jewelry is “MADE IN AMERICA”. Michele actually designs every piece.

“If you wear it, you’ve created an opportunity.” You will be stopped on the street by people asking, “Where did you get that Photo Jewelry?” Guaranteed! But, that’s only 20% of our line. We have over 240 beautiful pieces to choose from in our 84-page catalog.

Earn even more by building a team, creating a residual income and being an entrepreneur! Isn’t it time to be your own CEO?

Come see what it really means to be a “Ground Floor Opportunity!” As a young company, not saturated in the market, we are “wide open” for growth for anyone. “No Experience needed!” We have an extensive back office- knowledge center and weekly training. Our philosophy is “if you succeed, we succeed.” We want to help you every step of the way! Our weekly classes are fun, engaging and a great social outlet for your creativity!

We are currently looking for those that really know how to build a business and want to do it with a passion. We need leaders for all of our inquiries! We value those that have experience, and we offer incentives for just that reason! Ask us about our “Business Builder” positions.

Come on; let’s get dirty together! After all, it’s the ground floor!

Kit’s are only $199 and include all the marketing material you need to get started. You also get to choose as many items as you wish at a 40% discount.

• Earn over $3200 in Free jewelry in your first 100 days of business.
• Earn 25% on your personal sales.
• We offer a competitive compensation plan for team builders.
• Average parties are $800.
• You can be the Host and the Consultant at your party.
• We pay for Host and Guest incentives / rewards.
• We pay for credit card transactions.
• Extensive personal commerce-shopping cart.
• Extensive back office and learning center.
• DSA / DSWA member
• And more…



Lia Sophia

At lia sophia, exceptional style and quality are a family tradition. For more than 30 years, our Advisors have been achieving their personal and financial goals by sharing this tradition with Hostesses and Customers across America and now in Canada.

Our jewelry collection offers a wide variety of affordable, eye-catching, get-you-noticed pieces to complement your personal style.
You can shop with complete confidence because each piece in our collection is crafted with the utmost attention to quality and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

lia sophia also offers a recession-proof business opportunity.
Independent Advisors enjoy a flexible schedule and the ability to reach their personal goals, from paying down debt, to spending more time with family and friends to the satisfaction of running their own business.
Advisors do not need to buy their own inventory and prior experience is not required. lia sophia is sold exclusively by Advisors and is not available through retail stores, TV or on the Internet.

At lia sophia, we’re committed to helping you build a business that fits your life, your goals and your dreams. We provide you with the tools, training and support you need to be successful. But our favorite part is providing incredible incentives to keep you motivated, and then celebrating your achievements!

Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

* Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Recognition
* Cash bonuses
* FREE jewelry
* Fantastic trips (In 2010, we’re going to Cancun!)

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Our Starter Kit costs only $149 and includes everything you need for your first five Shows. With our generous personal discount, you’ll also be able to add to your display whenever you choose.

Plus, with our Excellent Beginnings program, you can earn an extra $600 in FREE samples by getting your business off to a great start. Help someone else to do the same and receive another $300 in FREE samples!

Fashion Accessories, Jewelry

Dive into an enlightening conversation with Tory Kiam from Lia Sophia, exclusively presented by Discover his journey in the jewelry industry, learn about his unique designs, and the key to his sparkling success. Remember, this exclusive piece is available only on Did you enjoy the video? Share your favorite part in the comments. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more unique content from

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Immerse in an exclusive conversation with Collette Engle, the sparkling mind behind Lia Sophia, presented by Explore her journey in the jewelry design industry, understand her unique perspective, and discover the key to her glittering success. This exclusive piece is available only on Loved the video? Share your favorite part in the comments. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more unique content

Initial Outfitters

Initial Outfitters is a NEW home party company specializing in Personalized Jewelry and Gifts! Our specialty boutique-like line of products is fun to shop and to sell! Not only will you be able to offer trendy new styles to your customers, you will also be able to offer her something for just about every gift occasion that she has! With items including personalized notecards, monogrammed umbrellas and tote bags, engraved soap and candles, embroidered bath wraps and towels, and a beautiful line of jewelry…your customers will love shopping with you! Especially when they see how reasonable your prices are!

Initial Outfitters has also partnered with Charlie’s Lunch ministries! We donate 100% of our profits on a wonderful line of Charlie’s Lunchboxes and Cookbook to open and fund lunchrooms around the world, feeding hundreds of children several times a week. You can be a part of this effort too, when you join Initial Outfitters!

When you become an Initial Outfitters consultant, you immediately begin earning 30% profit on everything that you sell! Our average home party is over $500 in sales, so even on an average party, our consultants are earning $40-$50/hour! You can also build a team and earn commissions from their sales as well, which will increase that $/hour figure even more! Where else can you go and make that kind of money in a job that allows you to fit work into your life, be your own boss, and get paid to party?!

We have introduced a $99 kit available for a limited time, and we have 3 other choices available ranging from $199-$499. It is easy to get started, and we will be here to support, train, and encourage you all the way! We know that we are successful when you are successful, so we are making it our priority to see you succeed! In fact, we recently enhanced our Quick Start plan so that you can now earn up to $1200 in free merchandise during your first 90 days with Initial Outfitters…just for selling this fantastic line!


[email protected]

Bead Retreat


Founded in 2001 Bead Retreat is proud to be the original concept in home beading parties! Now more than ever people have the need to reconnect and Bead Retreat sets the stage for people to Retreat with family and friends and discover the jewelry designer within. Bead Retreat is a 100% teaching company as all products are presented in kit form for exclusive trend setting bracelet, necklace, and earring designs using beads from around the world that create a quality product that is a true value. Bead Retreat Coordinators guide their Hosts and guests in an interactive experience in creating a custom piece of beaded jewelry in less than an hour!


Imagine turning your love of beading and business into a flexible new career with unlimited earning potential. Starting your Bead Retreat business is easy. Our training programs virtually ensure your success! Never made jewelry before? Not to worry. Our basic beading techniques are simple to learn and teach. At a Retreat Coordinators earn a $10 per person teaching fee as well as start out earning 23-25% from products made and ordered at the Retreat. On average with 10 guests in attendance Coordinators can earn up to $150+ at one Retreat! Bead Retreat Headquarters and your sponsor offer personalized training for a strong start and continued success of your Bead Retreat business. We invite you to discover your Bead Retreat business so you can truly “Make It Your Own.”


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Dive into the captivating world of beadwork with our exclusive video, “BEAD RETREAT” featuring the talented Sherry Dunleavy. Unearth expert secrets and techniques about intricate bead design and jewelry creation for enthusiasts and homebound entrepreneurs alike. Learn first-hand from Sherry Dunleavy, a seasoned expert with a reservoir of artful knowledge to share. Elevate your craft now. For more exclusive content and expert advice, visit and don’t forget to hit subscribe for updates on upcoming videos!

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