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Michele Baratta atHome

Editorial Team

Michele Baratta’s jewelry is not just made by hand; it’s made with heart…”Inspired by Heartfelt Emotion”. Her charms, etched with symbolic images and inscribed with words and phrases, are deeply personal expressions of her life. Much of Michele’s jewelry designs are meant to hold a cherished photo; portraits that reinterpret memory, fleeting images of loved ones, suggestions of family and the passage of generations.

Every piece is hand-made and hand-casted with the highest quality of sterling silver, freshwater & cultured pearls and semi-precious stones. We design, cast, assemble and package each piece as a gift. Michele Baratta jewelry has a true artisan look.

Michele Baratta atHome is a California Jewelry company created to empower women. Our Independent Consultants own their own boutique jewelry business and sell through home parties and online.

Michele Baratta atHome is unique in the home party world, but not new to merchandising and designing. Celebrities such as Felicity Huffman, Kathie Lee Gifford, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Pickler and fashion magazines love Michele’s jewelry. She has sold wholesale to Nordstrom, Jjill, Sundance Catalog, Marshall Fields, Land of Nod, Macy’s and thousands of boutiques around the country for 15 years prior to opening the Michele Baratta atHome direct selling company.

Unlike other jewelry companies we don’t purchase our jewelry from different vendors in other countries and then resell it. Our jewelry is “MADE IN AMERICA”. Michele actually designs every piece.

“If you wear it, you’ve created an opportunity.” You will be stopped on the street by people asking, “Where did you get that Photo Jewelry?” Guaranteed! But, that’s only 20% of our line. We have over 240 beautiful pieces to choose from in our 84-page catalog.

Earn even more by building a team, creating a residual income and being an entrepreneur! Isn’t it time to be your own CEO?

Come see what it really means to be a “Ground Floor Opportunity!” As a young company, not saturated in the market, we are “wide open” for growth for anyone. “No Experience needed!” We have an extensive back office- knowledge center and weekly training. Our philosophy is “if you succeed, we succeed.” We want to help you every step of the way! Our weekly classes are fun, engaging and a great social outlet for your creativity!

We are currently looking for those that really know how to build a business and want to do it with a passion. We need leaders for all of our inquiries! We value those that have experience, and we offer incentives for just that reason! Ask us about our “Business Builder” positions.

Come on; let’s get dirty together! After all, it’s the ground floor!

Kit’s are only $199 and include all the marketing material you need to get started. You also get to choose as many items as you wish at a 40% discount.

• Earn over $3200 in Free jewelry in your first 100 days of business.
• Earn 25% on your personal sales.
• We offer a competitive compensation plan for team builders.
• Average parties are $800.
• You can be the Host and the Consultant at your party.
• We pay for Host and Guest incentives / rewards.
• We pay for credit card transactions.
• Extensive personal commerce-shopping cart.
• Extensive back office and learning center.
• DSA / DSWA member
• And more…